Guppies are small ornamental fish that, to the uninitiated, can be a lot of trouble to raise when they are so beautiful. In fact, according to the expert, guppies are relatively easy to keep fish, also very suitable for beginners to raise. Pet house Xiaobian summed up the method of raising guppies, it is good to keep a look to know.

Are guppies easy to keep

The water temperature

The most important thing about fish farming is water temperature. Guppies are very capable, and either warmer or colder water temperatures have no great effect on them. The most suitable water temperature for guppies is actually between 18 and 24 degrees Celsius. Under normal circumstances, indoor temperature can meet their water temperature needs. In winter, heaters may be needed, and 22 degrees is the best. And in fact, when it’s not very cold, and the water is a little bit cooler without a heater, the guppies are less active, and nothing else. Guppies can adapt to slightly higher temperatures. Guppies at slightly higher water temperatures are slightly more active, and studies have shown that higher water temperatures can increase guppies’ resistance to some degree.

Are guppies easy to keep


Fish feed is mainly two kinds, one is live bait, such as earthworms, shrimp and so on. The other is artificial bait. Artificial bait is convenient and fast, but it is not so reassuring and may have safety problems. More people are choosing to feed guppies live bait. The high nutritional value of earthworms can promote the growth and development of guppies, but also can stimulate the appetite of guppies. But earthworms given to guppies should be clean and free of disease. Vintage shrimp is also a well-rounded nutritious meal for guppies. In order to ensure the nutrition of the guppy, it can be given some nutritional comprehensive feed.

Are guppies easy to keep


Guppies live about one to two years. Some well-bred guppies live longer, while others live shorter. In general, a well-kept guppy has a small chance of developing disease, but once it does develop, it will not be detected in a short time. Therefore, KEEPING guppies requires careful observation by the owner, who should give the guppies reasonable food and water quality.

Are guppies easy to keep

There are different opinions about whether to keep guppies or not. Some careful owners, carefree and elegant owners will find guppies very easy to keep, even novice owners can keep them very well, but if you are not patient enough and not so careful, you may find it difficult to keep fish.

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