Keeping things has become a very common thing, so when we keep this kind of thing, we will first understand whether this kind of thing is good to keep, and whether it is suitable for us to raise, so today we are going to talk about Sukada tortoise, this kind of tortoise is good to feed, let’s learn about it together!

Are Sukada tortoises easy to keep

Sukada TORTOISES ARE ALL TORTOISES OF THE LARGEST SPECIES OF A TURTLE SPECIES, RAISE is more costly, I personally think it is more bad to raise, you look according to individual economic conditions, I introduce a few of its appearance and habits.

The TORTOISE’S ARMOUR LENGTH CAN GENERALLY GROW TO ABOUT 76 CENTIMETERS, AND ONCE RAISED TO THE LARGEST IS 83 CENTIMETERS, AND THE TORTOISE’S WEIGHT CAN GENERALLY GROW TO ABOUT 120 JINS, THE LARGEST CAN GROW TO 210 JINS, which CAN BE THE LARGEST turtle! And this kind of turtle finally can live in relatively dry place, so it is not necessary to raise water, so it is more convenient, and this kind of turtle is mostly in Africa.

Are Sukada tortoises easy to keep

The tortoise general life in Africa, and most parts of Africa are no water, and water is scarce, special water so the tortoise is to get through eating food, so the tortoise also like to hide in a cool place to avoid sunlight, or hiding inside the hole to directly soared. It is also used to keep the water in the body from evaporating too much. So this turtle has a natural environment, and that is this turtle likes to be active in the morning when the sun is not shining. Or it comes out just before the sun goes down, and this turtle doesn’t eat meat, it eats green plants, like cacti or moist grass, and things like lettuce, which brings a lot of water to the turtle.

Are Sukada tortoises easy to keep

If you want to feed, then can be diversified to feed the turtle on it, in the usual time to the turtle proper supplementation of some nutrients on it, such as calcium ah or vitamins! Can be, but according to the habits of this turtle, we should pay attention to the point is not to feed high protein food to the turtle, otherwise it will cause liver and kidney disease.

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