Turtle in organisms in captivity is will more easily than other pets, and easy to do some, Brazil red ear tortoise is tenacious vitality and good resistance is tortoise, their adaptability to the environment and accept ability is worth affirmation, Brazilian tortoise is very suitable for those pets is not in the novice owners, There’s a lot of room for cost and time and effort. If your friends aren’t sure what kind of pet to keep, try a Brazilian red-eared turtle first.

How to raise a Brazilian red-eared turtle

Some important considerations for raising the Brazilian turtle are just shelter and food. A suitable living environment and sufficient food are the basis for the survival of the Brazilian turtle. First of all, we need to create an environment for it, and this environment refers to the area where it lives.

Get a square container two to three times its size, preferably transparent and easy to view, and use a fish tank as a shelter for the turtle. Can be held high environment or segmental, put some after sun exposure of tap water in the container, do not cover the whole Brazilian tortoise body, and then some sand on the shop in another place, for the night for thermal insulation, can be placed some nice decorations, such as branches, seaweed, can have beautification effect. Keep the container in a ventilated environment, not in a closed room or corner. It is best to let the turtle get some sun from time to time.

How to raise a Brazilian red-eared turtle

Finish to build a good living environment, now it will be ready to food, the Brazilian tortoise is not picky about food, a lot of things it can eat, but not fed too much unnatural food, feeding a few small fish and shrimp, special feed, earthworm and so on, Brazilian tortoise food is very complex, these can be fed. After preparing food, the next step is to clean up and replace the contaminated water in time. Water containing food residue and excreta will breed a large number of bacteria. Brazilian turtles live in this kind of water, and 100 percent of them will be infected and sick.

How to raise a Brazilian red-eared turtle

When all the above questions are ready, raising a Brazilian turtle is not a big problem. Have you learned to raise a Brazilian turtle?

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