In the process of raising pets, playing and communicating with pets is something that everyone likes to do. In the process of getting along with cats and dogs at home, we can understand a lot of stories about their inner world and bring many different experiences to ourselves.

Cats are a kind of clingy but independent pets. They don’t have to spend too much energy to keep them. They can play happily by themselves.

Cat scratch to vaccinate

But in the process of playing, there will also be small partners accidentally cut by sharp cat nails, leaving deep or shallow wounds, after this situation, we will also worry about whether to get a vaccine in time after being scratched by cats. In fact, before we get a vaccine, we should first judge whether the situation is consistent:

(1) According to the depth of the wound of the cat scratch to determine whether it is necessary to vaccinate, if it is just rubbing the skin, there is no obvious wound, this situation is basically not to worry about, will not be infected with bacteria, with iodine wipe there is no problem. If the wound has bled or obviously see a deep wound, it is necessary to go to the hospital in time to do disinfection irrigation, vaccination, because the possibility of infection of a deep wound is much higher than that of a small wound.

Cat scratch to vaccinate

(2) if it is a cat raised at home, and has been vaccinated rabies vaccine, regular physical examination of deworming cats, just a slight scratch is not too nervous, domestic cats infected with rabies odds will be much smaller, because the living environment is not exposed to too much bacteria virus. If you are accidentally scratched by a stray cat in the wild, no matter the depth of the wound, it is best to go to the hospital to check, according to the doctor’s advice and the actual situation to decide whether to vaccinate, stray cats carry many bacteria may cause wound infection.

Cat scratch to vaccinate

Be it playing with your own pets, or some stray dogs or cats, you should pay attention to your own safety, because accidents can happen at any time.

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