Chihuahua bad breath how to do? To brush the teeth of the Golden Chihuahua every day, can effectively get rid of bad breath; dry dog food has a certain role in cleaning the mouth, so it is best to choose dry dog food to feed Chihuahua; bad stomach can also lead to bad breath, you can usually feed probiotics to the dog, can play a role in regulating the stomach, preventing bad breath.

1、Brush your teeth every day

Besides diet, the most straightforward way to clean your dog’s teeth is to brush them. You can brush your golden retriever’s teeth every day after he eats, using special dog toothpaste and a toothbrush, and you can eat deodorant cookies or teeth cleaning sticks, which will generally help somewhat.

2、Adjustment of diet

Chihuahua bad breath and dental health is inseparable, if on the surface of the teeth hoarded a lot of dirt or calculus, due to the role of oral bacteria, will certainly emit foul odor, not only the smell is unpleasant, and long-term bad breath pet dogs are usually suffering from periodontal disease. Owners can adjust their diet, choose dry dog food, because dry dog food is harder, often eat can rub the surface of the teeth, inadvertently play a role in decalcification, but also exercise the dental bed muscle.

3、Feed probiotics

The main cause of bad breath in Chihuahuas can also be stomach fever, chronic constipation, indigestion, and liver and kidney problems, all of which are common ailments that Chihuahuas tend to get. More common is bad Chihuahua breath caused by indigestion. It is best to pay attention to your dog’s stool, as it is also very likely to cause bad breath if your dog has constipation. The solution is to feed the dog some good digestive food, such as goat milk powder, porridge, etc., and feed the dog some probiotics to regulate the stomach and intestines.

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