The rabbit must be fed water, and the rabbit must be fed clean water. Rabbits are relatively delicate animals, especially the rabbits feeding feed, need to prepare enough water, so that the rabbit can drink at any time, can choose a hanging water feeder, not easy to be polluted; And the rabbit, must be ready to give birth to clean water, otherwise the mother rabbit will eat the newborn rabbit; It is normal that rabbits fed a lot of fruit do not like drinking water.

What kind of water does a rabbit drink

Rabbits usually drink tap water or cold boiled water is enough. Some owners tend to spoil rabbits, so they feed them human mineral water in their daily life, which is not good. These mineral water contains a lot of minerals, which can lead to the symptoms of urinary stones and bladder stones in rabbits. At the same time, if in winter, do not give the rabbit cold water, otherwise it will cause diarrhea symptoms.

Does a rabbit bloat with water

Rabbits, when properly fed, will not flatulence when drinking water. Rabbit to do the correct feeding, there are the following aspects. First, usually try to rabbit food. Two, it is forbidden to eat snacks, sweets, fruits, high starch content of food. Three, pay attention to the cleanliness of the cage. Four, more to the rabbit supplement cellulose, can give some hay.

How to raise a rabbit

Owners to raise rabbits, need to pay attention to the following points. First, choose and buy young rabbits and rabbit cage, rabbit feed and other daily supplies; Second, because the rabbit is more afraid of heat, therefore, in the summer when the owner needs to pay attention to the heat work, avoid placing the rabbit in the direct sun position; Third, the owner needs to avoid feeding the rabbit wet grass and feed, fruit and other food.

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