Now more and more friends keep fish, fish not only has ornamental value, but also can improve the feng shui of the house homeowner’s finances and so on. In the maintenance of fish is also an important aspect, many users are private letter how often to change the water ecological fish tank? This is really a critical step in fish farming. Some owners feel that the fish are not sick, not dirty, there is no need to change the water, in fact, it is not true. Today, I will give you a detailed explanation.

Ecological fish tank how often to change the water

How often do I change the water in my eco fish tank? Normal words simple can be changed two or three times a week is, also some fish lovers feel that the fish tank has a filter can be up to a year without changing, in fact, if the fish tank does not change water for a long time, the fish feces let the fish tank nutrients more and more. The organic matter in the water gradually accumulate nutrients. This leads to the growth and reproduction of algae plants in the water. The water of the fish tank becomes green.

We all know that ornamental fish have a demanding living environment and need clean and well oxygenated water to survive in a healthy way. They also consume the oxygen in the water. Fish feces and food residue can easily lead to water deterioration. Bacterial growth in fish tanks without timely water changes is very bad for the fish. So we must change the water of the fish tank regularly.

Ecological fish tank how often to change the water

So how do you control the timing of water changes? If it is the case of fish sick. It is best to change the water once every three days or so, and the amount of water is in a third to a quarter. After the fish is cured. Because we give the fish tank is also in accordance with the natural ecological environment to create artificial. The water in nature is constantly moving every day with fresh water inflow. So in order to approach this natural environment we need to keep changing the water.

Ecological fish tank how often to change the water

Fish tank water change can not only eliminate the dirty material in the tank, but also reduce the algae breeding in the water to stabilize the pH level in the tank. It also reduces the concentration of silver nitrate and algae in the tank. It can also reduce the chance of fish disease. So, friends, hurry up and take action. Let your fish swim in clean water every day.

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