Brazilian turtle full name Brazil red-eared turtle, alias beautiful brocade turtle, mahjong turtle and so on. It is called red-eared turtle because of two thick red stripes behind its head. It is a water-growing animal, belonging to the subphylum vertebrate, which is a transformation from amphibian. Native to Mexico and other parts of the northern Hemisphere, the Brazilian turtle can be used as medicine, as an ornamental animal, and also for eating. It does a lot of things.

How big a Brazilian turtle can grow

Not only is it cheap, but it is very easy to feed. Its color is very bright, very beautiful, so the Brazilian red-eared turtle has become a lot of people like to keep animals. The Brazilian red-eared turtle is one of the most common species of tortoise because many people like to keep the animal, but it is also so numerous that it has caused species invasion and was once classified as a dangerous species. Smooth without scales.

How big a Brazilian turtle can grow

The head of the glans brasiliensis is large, the stripes on the back are less than those on the abdomen, and there is a raised ridge on the back. Each piece of the shell on the back has a particularly beautiful pattern, some are parallel, some show a ring.

The Brazilian red-eaked turtle is also very harsh on the living environment, because it lives in water all year round, so it likes quiet environment, like warm places, like moving, and has a good ability to adapt to various environments. It also has a good ability to adapt to food, even if long-term do not eat, also can withstand hunger, artificial feeding can choose some ground meat or some small shrimps, dried fish, rice balls to feed it, it is easy to feed.

How big a Brazilian turtle can grow

It under normal conditions can grow to 30 cm, weight can reach one thousand to two kilograms, it grows very fast, you just need to give it did not eat meal timing quantitative to it, it will grow up at an annual rate of growth of 2 to 10 cm, although it is not picky about food, but its appetite is very big, however, if you want him to grow more, You can feed it more food. Don’t worry about it being full, the daily exercise in the water is enough for it to digest.

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