How do you bathe a Bichon Frise? Prepare bathing gear and groom the bichon frise; When taking a bath, wet the bichon Frise with warm water, then apply pet body wash, rub thoroughly and rinse off with warm water; After taking a bath, dry the Bichon Frise in time and blow dry it with a hair dryer to avoid catching cold.

Shower preparation supplies include dog shampoo, large towel, hair dryer, birdbath, comb. If it is winter, choose a heated bathroom to prevent the Bichon Frise from getting sick from frostbite.

Groom the Bichon Frise well before bathing and play with it for a while to relax it. While taking a bath, gently press the Bichon Frise with one hand to prevent the Bichon frise from jumping out of the tub, while pouring warm water over the Bichon frise.

After soaking through the Bichon Frise’s coat, apply the bath solution and gently rub it in to allow the foam to soak into the hair layer and clean. You can use a comb to quickly clean the coat. In addition, some secret parts, such as the anus, the inner side, etc., should pay attention to cleaning.

Before rinsing the Bichon frise’s body, rinse and dry the Bichon frise’s head. Special care should be taken not to splash water around his ears and eyes. Rinse your dog’s body with clean, warm water. Rinse the coat off. Do not leave any bath solution. Then squeeze the moisture out of the coat and wipe it dry with a towel. Ears and the inner wall of the ear to pay special attention to, more than a few times.

Hair dryer dry, must dry, not only the surface dry, easy to catch a cold. Don’t just blow in one spot. It’ll hurt. It’ll burn the fur. The hair dryer is 25 to 30 cm away from the bichon Frise.

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