Every cat owner should be worried when their kitten gets lost. As a long-time cat lover, and one of the lucky ones who finds your cat after it gets lost, let me teach you how to quickly find your cat after it gets lost.

How do you find a lost cat

When a cat gets lost, there are three stages:

First, the first 72 hours after the cat is lost is the most important time, and the most easy time to find the cat. At this time, the lost cat is usually still around the lost place. We should search for it intensively and put some food that our cat likes to eat. Maybe we will meet the kitten we are urgently looking for in the corner.

Two, the cat lost in the first ten days, in this period of time, we want to substantially look for it can go to the cat like to gather places to see, after all, the cat’s nature is to like to gather together with their own kind. When looking for a kitten at night, remember to look carefully and keep the flashlight light low. You never know where it will curl up. And the flashlight do not shake, if shake is easy to disturb it, make it lost again.

How do you find a lost cat

After three or ten days, you may be a little anxious at this time, but please don’t give up your cat, you still have a chance to find it, it may be a little far away from you, we should also expand the scope to find it. Don’t give up on a cat that will come back in a month or two. You can put up fliers to get more cat lovers to help you look for him.

The cat is a small pet that we all like, it is fluffy, gentle and lovely. When it gets lost, you must have 10,000 assumptions in your mind, but you must believe that you can find it. After your cat gets lost, calm down and think about where it usually goes. Cats usually like to hide in the corner and sleep quietly, so please don’t let go of every small corner around you.

How do you find a lost cat

If you LOVE your CAT, please take good care of it, give your cat good love and care, don’t let it have the chance to get lost or want to run away! May you have your beloved cat back by the end of this article!

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