In the wild, rabbits will burrow in the soil to make their nests in winter. The burrows made of soil and straw are warm enough to help them survive the winter. But if it’s a domestic rabbit or if it’s on a large scale it’s usually a high wattage lamp to provide the right temperature or an air conditioner to regulate the temperature in the room. In addition, winter can also be appropriate to increase the amount of food, because winter energy consumption is larger.

How to keep rabbits warm in winter

The main aspects of keeping rabbits warm in winter are ambient temperature and energy supply. Ambient temperature The ambient temperature can be increased by making nests for rabbits with quilts, straw and other items, turning on warm lights, and turning on air conditioning. The energy supply of the rabbit is to provide enough food for the rabbit, because the temperature is too low in winter, the rabbit’s heat production will increase, and energy consumption will also increase, so enough food is necessary to help the rabbit winter.

What diseases do rabbits get easily

Rabbits are easy to get the following diseases: first, viral diseases, common rabbit fever, infectious blister stomatitis. Second, bacterial infection diseases, common salmonellosis, Escherichia coli disease, necrobacillosis, Clostridium virginii disease, Pasteurellosis. Third, fungal skin diseases, common trichophyton mycosis and gypsum-like microsporomycosis. Fourth, parasitic disease, common itching mites, scabies mites, coccidioides and so on.

Rabbit breeding and management

Rabbit husbandry management is the following points. First, the rabbit is a clean animal, timely clearance cage has not eaten food and excretion plate to clean up in time, to avoid the breeding of pathogens affecting the health of the rabbit. Second, rabbit diet as far as possible with rabbit food, to ensure its daily nutrition needs. Third, do a good job of rabbit disease prevention and periodic deworming, can reduce the harm of disease or parasites.

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