Rotten eyes of tortoises mainly occur in young tortoises, and more often in spring, which is what we call white eye disease. The main causes of the disease are water pollution, excessive alkalinity and so on. The treatment is mainly to strengthen resistance, clean water, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, and the treatment cycle is long.

Causes of white eye disease

Tortoises are hardy and seldom get sick. But if the water is polluted and bacteria grow, the turtles will get sick. At the same time, when the housing density is too high, the turtles fight with each other caused by trauma and inflammation can also be infected with white eye disease. Young turtles are usually not strong resistance, must strengthen the feeding management.

Symptoms of eye whites

1. Turtle eyes are swollen, inflamed, ulcerated, with increased eye secretions and a feeling of itching;

2, the turtle has low spirit, slow action, unwilling to eat and other manifestations;

3, some turtles will appear respiratory symptoms, accompanied by dyspnea, mouth to breathe;

4. The diseased turtles became reluctant to enter the water, lost weight and even became blind.

Medicine suggested

1. Apply chloramphenicol eye drops or antibiotic eye medicine on the eyes of the diseased turtle once a day, morning and evening;

2, frequently change the water, try to use cool or alkaline water, and add 1:500 oxytetracycline in the water for medicinal bath;

3. Clean the eye secretions of the diseased turtles every day;

4, can feed the right amount of animal liver, rich in vitamin A, can provide nutrition for eye recovery.

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