It can be said that now more and more people like to keep turtles at home, and as we all know, turtles also need to hibernate. Now the weather is getting colder and colder, causing the tortoises’ overall energy levels to start dropping, and it won’t be long before the tortoises begin their hibernation period. So, how to keep a turtle in winter? In view of this problem, the following to give you a detailed introduction.

How to keep a turtle in winter

The weather is getting colder, so many turtle owners are being very careful about how their turtles are raised this winter. Even some people in order to turtle can be very good winter, will feed a lot of food and nutrients, leading to the turtle raised very fat, this is very likely to backfire, not only bad turtle, may also cause turtle body problems. So in the winter, the tortoise is not fed more, the better, must be the right amount of scientific feeding, to make the tortoise very good winter.

How to keep a turtle in winter

In addition, if you want to keep a good turtle in winter, you should also give the turtle a good winter environment. Relatively speaking, no matter how the change of the temperature of the outside world, a tortoise environment also should keep a good state, just as it’s winter, will give the tortoise a warm environment, so that it can stay comfortable, but also be appropriate to the turtle in the sun, if not out of the sun, can create a such an environment, Give the tortoise proper “supplement calcium”.

In fact, in most cases the tortoise is unable to adjusting their own body temperature, so in the winter breeding the tortoise, must pay attention to keep its normal physiological functions, in addition to providing a warm environment, also suitable for the tortoise provides some nutrients, to help them keep nutrient elements in the body, so you can very good breeding the tortoise, don’t make them sick. But as mentioned before, don’t feed a lot of nutrients in order to supplement your turtle’s nutrition, be sure to feed it in moderation. And different birds feed different food, must be based on its needs.

How to keep a turtle in winter

In general, if you want to keep a good turtle in winter, it is necessary to strengthen prevention, provide appropriate environment and material, flat is to pay more attention to, always pay attention to the state of the turtle, careful feeding can be. Don’t think that giving more is better, sometimes it will backfire.

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