Pet owners in see the golden pups leg injury, never in order to wait for it to heal itself and ignore, if the pet owners do not timely treatment, the golden pups injury may be a long time will not be good, there may even be infected and other bad phenomenon. Individuals here to share some small ways to deal with, can be appropriate reference to.


I. Check the injury situation

If a pet owner sees an injury to a Golden pup’s leg, then the pet owner should first check the pup’s leg to see if there is a fracture. If there is a fracture, it is recommended that the pet owner take the Golden pup to the hospital to be bandaged. If the leg is cut and bleeding, the pet owner should see if there is a foreign substance left in the wound, and if so, carefully clean it out and then treat the wound for it.

Second, treatment and bandaging

The pet owner will have to clean the wound with hydrogen peroxide and wipe the skin near the wound with iodine to do a simple treatment. Then you have to shave the hair near the legs to reveal the wound, so that the hair does not fall into the wound or the hair will cover it and affect the owner’s ability to apply medicine to the pup. After shaving, the pet owner should hold the Golden pup’s body with one hand and quickly sprinkle the wound on the leg with the other hand to evenly cover the surface of the wound. Then wrap it with gauze and tape to prevent the wound from getting infected with bacteria.


Three, pay attention to more rest

If you’re in a hurry to take your golden pup out before his or her wounds heal, don’t be in a hurry to take him or her out for a walk. This is because the golden pups like to run around and scurry around when they go out. This can easily cause the wound to cut against other things, which is not good for the wound of the Golden pup. Therefore, during the period when the injury is not well, the pet owner should let the golden pup stay at home and rest, and try to avoid the golden pup’s wound from coming into contact with moisture or getting wet when at home.

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