How to raise a golden retriever? First of all, the golden retriever should be vaccinated at 42 days, and then regularly vaccinated and dewormed. Feeding changes in dog food should be gradually carried out, it is best to use a week to transition, in order to avoid obesity, should control the golden hair diet, should not be excessive; Also remember to clean your dog regularly and clean up your dog’s living area.

1. Vaccines and deworming

Golden RETRIEVER SHOULD BE ABLE TO BEGIN TO MAKE VACCINE IN 42 DAYS, GOLDEN RETRIEVER SHOULD MAKE 3 SHOTS WHEN MAKING INFECTIOUS VACCINE FOR THE FIRST TIME AND THEN ADD A SHOT RABIES VACCINE, LATER INFECTIOUS VACCINE IS A SHOT A YEAR, RABIES VACCINE IS A shot THREE YEARS. Golden retrievers also do internal worming. When vaccinating, the dog should be healthy. Poor health of the golden retriever will reduce the immune ability of the golden retriever and affect the health of the dog. Golden retrievers can’t play outside until a week after they get their vaccine.

2. The feed

When THE YOUNG GOLDEN RETRIEVER IS CLOSE TO THE WEIGHT OF THE ADULT DOG, it can BE gradually fed according to the adult dog food. The golden retriever is fully grown at two years of age. Before that, he must adapt TO the adult diet. The change in feeding should be gradual, preferably over a week, with a mixture of old and new diets and a gradually increasing proportion of new diets.

Most dog owners take great care to provide adequate food for their pets. Due to the high nutritional demands of puppies as they grow, they will maximize their food needs, however, this can make many dogs overeat and adversely affect it. To avoid this, the growing dog’s diet should be controlled within the appropriate range.

3. Health care

Be sure to pay attention to the dog’s personal hygiene and living environment, clean up the dog’s feces in a timely manner, and then do a good job in the residence ventilation treatment, maintain air circulation. In addition, you should also give your dog a bath and take good care of your dog’s personal hygiene to avoid the growth of bacteria and the decline of your dog’s resistance. The dog’s ear is very easy to grow bacteria, serious and even appear inflamed condition, at this time, it is necessary to use medicine to clean the dirt left in the ear.

4. Exercise

The ATHLETIC ASPECT OF RAISING AN ADULT GOLDEN RETRIEVER ALSO needs TO BE STRENGTHENED, AND THIS IS THE PRIME TIME FOR TRAINING AN ADULT GOLDEN RETRIEVER. The golden retriever at this time is better at judging and reacting to things than a few months old. So dog owners can start some challenging training programs, from the whole body exercise, such as training the golden retriever to fetch a ball.

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