Because of the bright color of koi, the appearance looks very beautiful, not only can decorate our home but also can bring a lot of fun to life. In feng shui above is also able to attract money explanation, so now people for the koi people are also increasing. In our life, it is not difficult to see the phenomenon that water often becomes turbid. water quality becomes turbid. it not only affects the beauty, but also affects the life of koi fish. So this is also let our friends are very upset, we have to have what kind of small trick, can make the muddy water become fresh and bright?

How to raise koi water turbidity

As the saying goes, the root, to solve the source. There are many reasons for the turbidity. It may be that our filter is broken after long use. In addition, we often feed too frequently, resulting in the fish can not completely eat up, resulting in more and more turbid water quality; The water will become cloudy if I don’t change it for a long time. The solution is: we replace the filter with a new one; For the feeding problem, we should not be too frequent, regular and quantitative feeding; We need to change the water in the aquarium frequently, and clean the filter frequently, so that the filtration efficiency is higher in the process of water circulation. The turbidity of the water will gradually improve.

How to raise koi water turbidity

Often we see some sick fish, often put some drugs to treat it, a long time soaking will occur some chemical reactions, resulting in turbidity. We can add some activated carbon to adsorb the dirt inside, the new activated carbon is better, and the used one should not continue to be used.

How to raise koi water turbidity

The microbial growth in the water quality will also cause the water to become cloudy, we can get some ultraviolet light or put some bactericidal drugs. Of course, according to my own experience, it’s better to use physical sterilization. Don’t put everything in it. It’ll do the opposite.

In our life, we are in the understanding of the causes of water turbidity, in some treatment measures, will be more direct and effective.

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