This can be caused by excessive secretions around the eyes, which are not cleaned in time and lead to infection, or by feeding some salty food. Appear this kind of symptom, need to be treated in time, so as not to drag too long, the rabbit’s eyes are not good, serious may also cause blindness. In daily life, there will be more rabbit owners will encounter such a situation, that is to say, usually rabbit owners need to pay more attention to the situation of rabbit eyes.

Rabbits need to do the following after eye inflammation and pus:

Clean the rabbit’s eyes

When the rabbit owner finds that the rabbit’s eyes have pus, he should pay attention to cleaning the rabbit’s eyes first. When cleaning, you can use a clean wet paper towel to gently wipe the dirty things around the eyes. After wiping, rinse with normal saline. Rabbit owners should pay attention to the rabbit when cleaning, so as not to struggle.

Two, the rabbit’s diet should pay attention to

Often feed the rabbit some salty food and food to eat, this is uncomfortable for a rabbit’s eyes, and long time to feed the rabbit is bad to the body, so at the time of feeding rabbit owner should pay attention to feed the rabbit some delicate food, feed and collocation some fruit and vegetables together, to keep the rabbit body nutrition balanced.

Three, use eye drops on rabbits

For rabbit eye inflammation and tears, rabbit owners can use special eye drops for rabbits after cleaning, such as rabbit fun. In the use of time to pay attention to the first good rabbit, and then hand will open its eyes, in the eye drops into the rabbit interest, good after the overflow of eye drops can be wiped clean.

Four, pay attention to indoor hygiene and eye hygiene

In daily life, rabbit owners should pay attention to indoor hygiene, regular cleaning of indoor hygiene, rabbit houses also need to keep clean and healthy. The rabbit owner should check the rabbit’s eyes regularly, and pay attention to keep the eyes and eyes around the hygiene, when the rabbit’s eyes have secretions to timely clean.

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