Pomeranian can be said to be a kind of dog known and loved by people, because its appearance is very beautiful, so many people will raise it. But in the process of feeding, because of a variety of reasons, may lead to Pomeranian vomiting situation, such as eating too much vomit. So, what happens when a Pomeranian overeats and vomits? In fact, the dog vomiting is also a regulation of its own, under normal circumstances is not too worried, but if there are abnormal conditions, we should pay attention to.

Pomeranian eat much vomit how to do

When THE Pomeranian IS SURE TO eat too much AND vomit, temporarily do not feed anything to it, let it feed empty for a period of time, let it slowly digest the food in the body, let its stomach get a rest, under normal circumstances the dog is no big harm.

One caveat, though, is to look at your dog’s vomit. If he vomits what he has just eaten, then he has eaten too much, or has indigestion or mishandled food, which is causing the dog to eat poorly. If your dog vomits food that has been eaten for a while and has already been digested, it’s important to pay attention.

Pomeranian eat much vomit how to do

If the vomit is digested food, there may be a problem with the dog’s digestive system, or the food itself is not very clean. If the vomit is not much, usually the dog can heal on its own, but try to give the dog a normal, clean food next time. And the dog vomit is very severe, it is necessary to timely sent to the regular hospital for the corresponding treatment.

In normal food, the dog dog quantitative on time after eating, or vomiting problems, then consider dogs have parasite, shall timely remove bug, otherwise it will slowly erode dog healthy body, make the dog vomiting, even lead to it cannot normal eating, as time passes is likely to harm a dog’s life.

Pomeranian eat much vomit how to do

Pomeranian eat much vomit how to do? In fact, most of the time, Pomeranian dogs can adjust themselves. Owners do not have to worry too much. However, when preparing food, it must be suitable for dogs.

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