In fact, friends who don’t pay much attention to cats may not know why they want to sterilize cats. In fact, sterilization is not only to prevent the female cat’s cry during estrus, but also for the health of the female cat. Therefore, at the right time, the cat owner will take his cat for sterilization.

Precautions for female cat sterilization

As for female cat sterilization surgery, we must go to a regular hospital, and the sooner the female cat’s sterilization mobile phone is done, the better. If it is done late, the female cat may get sick. Generally, female cats are advised to have surgery when they are six months old. Female cat sterilization should first pay attention to the selection of appropriate time, ensure the time and the physical condition of the female cat, and see if the weight meets the standard. If it does not meet the standard, there is a risk of surgery. When sterilizing female cats, they are usually given anesthetics, so we must make sure that the physical condition of female cats at that time can withstand anesthetics.

Precautions for female cat sterilization

Be sure to check the mother cat before the operation. See if there are some hidden diseases and eliminate some risks. On the day of sterilization, the mother cat should be deprived of water and food for more than eight hours, in order to avoid giving anesthetics to the cat. During the operation, the cat may vomit, which will block the trachea and cause suffocation accidentally. Sterilization of a female cat requires the removal of the uterus and ovaries of the female cat. This operation needs to break the belly, so it is more risky.

Precautions for female cat sterilization

After the sterilization operation, it is necessary to keep warm for the female cat who has not woken up with anesthetic and prepare water. The female cat should prepare the surgical suit and avoid the surgical wound cracking caused by the fierce exercise of the female cat. After that, don’t bathe the female cat for a month. Because there are obvious wounds, we must pay attention not to be infected. At ordinary times, we can take some anti infection drugs for the cat. Pay close attention to the recovery.

We must also pay attention to eating delicious food for the female cat and supplement nutrition. If the nutrition is in place, the wound will be better and faster. Sterilization is still a major operation for the female cat. The owner must find out the precautions, pay more attention to the health of the cat and protect his cat.

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