The symptoms of cats after pregnancy are very obvious, such as enlarged abdomen, increased appetite, drowsiness, etc. many excrement shovelers can see it with the naked eye even if they don’t learn it, but many excrement shovelers don’t know the signs before the cat gives birth. In view of the fact that cats need the careful care of excrement shovelers before and after pregnancy and childbirth, Today, Xiaobian will give you a detailed introduction to the signs before cat production. I hope the excrement shoveling officer can know it well and not rush in the face.

Signs before cat birth

1、 The cat’s abdomen sagged more severely than before. If we find that the cat’s abdomen is particularly full and sagging, it means that the cat is about to give birth.

2、 The cat became lazy, but was still willing to clean up its nest. The upcoming cats have difficulty moving, so most of them are no longer active, but even if the cat is lazy, the upcoming cats will still clean up their nest.

Signs before cat birth

3、 Cats no longer eat. If the cat is not willing to eat when it is in normal physical and mental state except pregnancy, it means that the cat is ready to give birth.

4、 The cat has a painful reaction. A few hours before the cat gives birth, the cat will have obvious symptoms of anxiety and shortness of breath, which indicates that the cat is suffering from labor and a sign of labor.

Signs before cat birth

5、 Leave mucus in the cat’s vulva. When the cat is about to give birth, it will not only want to drink water because of discomfort, but also leave mucus at its vulva. Once we find mucus, we should place the cat in the delivery room as soon as possible, because mucus means that the cat is about to give birth.

The above has introduced the relevant symptoms before cat production in detail. I believe that after the above introduction, now you know how to distinguish. Now that we know something about this common sense, we don’t have to worry anymore. Once we find that the cat has the above production signs, we should deal with it calmly and take care of it carefully. I believe everyone can do well.

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