Now stray cats are more and more bold, they dare to do things in people’s territory, sometimes they do not care whether people are willing to enter people’s homes, and sometimes they will directly seize people’s things, but also always a special dejected look, really distressed people it!

Although the cats are always so bold, but we still love them very much. Perhaps we are too indulgent of them, so that they even dare to molest the police uncle, and even made more excessive behavior, you guess how the police uncle will deal with them?


We know that stray cats are all around for home, will be some cardboard boxes or cars as their home to sleep on. But this day there are three stray cats who have set their eyes on the car in front of the police station.They do not know that this is the police uncle out of the car, they just comfortable or not, so they sleep directly on it, but also slept all night.

But when it came time to go out to the police, the police in the police station came out, ready to ride their own battery car daily out on police patrol, only to find their car was occupied by stray cats, they also a cat occupy a car, side by side, lying on top, some cats have fallen asleep in the car, they do not know that the owner came out. But the police uncle desperately need the car out of the police to complete the job, so they went up to pinch three stray cats, trying to wake them up, and then drive them away!


Who knows, when the stray cats woke up, they looked at the police uncle with a bewildered face, and no intention to leave the car. The stray cats: Hey, who is this guy? Why did he wake us up? We had a hard time finding a place where we could sleep comfortably.

The police officer saw that they did not leave the car, so the police officer was very anxious. So the police uncle and pat their belly, indicating that they hurry to leave the car, who knows, the cats still did not leave, this impolite behavior instead of the cats are still angry.

Cat: We will not leave, this is our territory, I see it is ours, we will live here, you can not stop us!


Stray cats are really too bold, do not give way to the police uncle, so that the police uncle angry no way, had to whisper to communicate with the cats, the police uncle: cats children, you can hurry to leave here? I’m still anxious to go out to the police office, or I will sue you for obstruction of official business, oh, well, you are so cute, do not sue also OK, that is, you quickly come down!


Stray Cat #1: Get off? It’s not impossible, unless, I want three small dried fish

Stray cat No. 2: I I I, I want 5 bars, no 5 bars I do not let

Stray Cat #3: I don’t want dried minnows, can you take us in?

Well, you can take in, then, the stray cat seems to understand what the police uncle said, but also really good down.Although they really come down from the car obediently, they are still very uncooperative, but also with a haughty expression to stare at the police uncle, cats: we just look at your busy face to let the car, or hum!

Then na, wait for the police uncle came back from the police, found the three stray cats are still here, so they began the feeding mode, every day to feed them good cat food as well as canned food, the police uncle are also captured by the cats one after another!


The police uncle does not care at all they occupy the parking space, but also go and play with them, making them and the police relationship is getting better and better, it is said that the police uncle is also ready to sterilize them to adopt!

It seems that even the police uncle also difficult to resist the awesome stray cats, but really intend to collect them, cats are really the most tempting small animals in this world, and RIO dad found that many people have become small slaves of cats, willing to sacrifice everything for them, but also spend all their money to raise them. Is it a realistic version of the cat green tea?


Even if they do something bad (which is a small everyday thing), people will forgive them on account of their cute and charming appearance. If they get angry, they have to be coaxed, so it’s not easy to be their pooper scooper. Nowadays, cats are especially bold and naughty at home, but we still love them, so it’s really nice to be a cat!

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