In the circle of friends, most of the friends have dogs or cats (the two biggest players in the pet industry). It’s rare to see a turtle, so let’s talk about turtles today. The turtle is a very long-lived animal, living longer than most (or even all) other animals, otherwise why would they get the title of “Grandpa Turtle”. Tortoises can be roughly divided into two types according to where they live: tortoises and water tortoises. Are your turtles turtles or water tortoises? This time, let’s look at the ranking of our tortoises.

1. The Aldabra Tortoise

It is the world’s most famous tortoise, mainly living in the remote Indian Ocean. The most common food they eat is plants, but when plants are scarce, they may also eat a bit of other animal carcasses.

The best tortoise ranking

2. The Sukada tortoise

It’s the third largest tortoise in the world (wonder who that is), and it’s a very good-looking one. Its shell including the body is yellowish brown, the back shell like a series of arched peaks, looking very noble can not be bullied. He can grow to about 120 jin, which is the weight of a small series.

The best tortoise ranking

3. Angloka tortoises

The turtle population is so small that it is endangered worldwide. It is arched all over, and the color gradually darkens from the inside out.

The best tortoise ranking

4. Burmese tortoises

Burmese tortoises, also known as tortoises, are often seen in turtle enclosures. China, India, the Malay peninsula are rich. The Burmese tortoises have a variety of colour patterns and each one can be seen distinctly different.

The best tortoise ranking

5. Burmese Star Turtle

The Burmese star turtle, like the Burmese tortoise, belongs to the genus Elephantus and lives in southern Burma. He likes to live in damp, low grass, and the Burmese star turtle has only 11 edge shields, which is one of its characteristics.

The best tortoise ranking

6. Radiated tortoises

Radiating tortoises are also known as radiating tortoises, and they have beautiful patterns. Most of the people who want to breed him are caught by his pattern. It is also one of the most valuable tortoises in the world.

The best tortoise ranking

Looking at this list, people who want to raise tortoises know what choice they should have! Anyone who already has a tortoise Did your tortoise make the list?

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