There are many kinds of turtles in pet stores, some are terrestrial and some are aquatic or semi-aquatic. They not only live in different environments, but also have different eating habits. Although a variety of feed products have been launched on the market, there are various types of particle sizes, raw materials, and added nutrients, and manufacturers are also diverse. It is inevitable for the owners to wonder how to choose the most suitable products. Therefore, this time, we will introduce the products selected by experts in the form of a list, and the editorial department will recommend several popular feeds from major online shopping malls, and the article will also introduce some purchasing skills and knowledge related to turtles, and will be detailed. List the price of each ranking, suitable turtle species and characteristics, so that readers can find delicious bait for their pets faster.


Buying points of turtle feed

First of all, let’s take a look at the key points when purchasing turtle feed.

Choose according to turtle species

Turtles can be divided into two types: aquatic and terrestrial, and their eating habits are quite different. Generally speaking, terrestrial turtles are herbivorous with vegetables as their main food, while (semi) aquatic turtles can be divided into carnivores with insects and fish as the main food, and omnivores with meat as the main food and herbivores as supplements. . Therefore, when choosing bait, you can pay more attention to the product label to determine whether it is suitable for pets. On the other hand, other animal feed is less recommended as turtle feed. For example, dog food and cat food that are high in salt and fat can put an unnecessary burden on the tortoise’s body. Fish feed does not contain the nutrients needed by turtles, and if it is the staple food for a long time, it may cause malnutrition. In addition, it is recommended to choose 2 to 3 kinds of high-quality feeds to exchange feeding, so that the turtles can evenly absorb all the nutrients they need.  

Choose the right pellet size for your turtle

In addition to the type of feed, the particle size of the feed is also a point that cannot be ignored. In particular, the size of feed suitable for juvenile turtles and adult turtles is very different. If you buy a product that is too large, you can chop it up or soak it in water to soften it before feeding.

Pay attention to the manufacturing date and shelf life

Although the feed that has passed the shelf life will not affect the safety of life, due to prolonged exposure to the air, vitamins and oils may be oxidized, and even insects may grow moldy, which will lead to poor growth of the turtle. Therefore, it is recommended to consume it as soon as possible after opening. In addition, you can also pay attention to the manufacturing date and look for newer products before purchasing, so that the time until the expiration date is longer, which can reduce the occurrence of “unfinished”. If the turtles raised at home are juvenile turtles or have a small appetite due to individual differences, the small package style can also be considered.  

Choose products that do not affect water quality and cleanliness

Since aquatic turtles live in water, if they are not kept clean and clear at all times, it may cause odors to drift and even make pet turtles sick. Therefore, how to maintain water quality is one of the unavoidable issues for owners. In addition to controlling the amount of food when feeding, you must also change the water, clean the filter frequently, or choose a feed that is advertised to maintain clear water to ensure the health of your pet.  

Top 8 Popular Turtle Feeds


Saki-Hikari Aquatic Turtle Probiotic Diet

USD 8.08



Key Feature The extreme feed efficiency helps keep water clearer and cleaner when compared to other aquatic turtle diets.
Target Species Turtle
Flavor X
Item Form X
Breed Recommendation X

Mazuri Aquatic Turtle Diet Food

USD 65.99

Brand Mazuri
Flavor X
Key Feature Nutritionally complete No vitamin or mineral supplements required. Floating diet For natural feeding behavior. High level of fish and animal protein Meets the needs of carnivorous species.
Target Species Turtle, Fish
Breed Recommendation X

Sera 1736 raffy Royal 7.8 oz 1.000 ml Pet Food

USD 17.90

Brand Sera
Flavor Other
Key Feature Treat consisting of natural, gently dried Fish (50%) and shrimps (50%) ;  Rich in optimally digestible protein, omega fatty acids, minerals and trace Elements
Target Species  Turtle,Fish
Item Form  Chunks
 Age Range Description Adult

Zoo Med Block Value Pack for Aquatic Turtle

USD 8.87

Great as an additional food source while away on vacation. Food and Calcium Supplement in One. Contains Zoo Med’s Natural Aquatic Turtle Food Pellets. Helps maintain a turtles beak.
Brand  Zoo Med
Usage Indoor
Key Feature Great at an additional food source while away on vacation; Contains zoo meds natural aquatic turtle food pellets
Target Species Turtle
Item Form Pellet
 Age Range (Description)  All Life Stages

Zilla Reptile Food Munchies Fruit Mix for Pet Iguanas

USD 12.99

Brand Zilla
Flavor Fruit
Key Feature Provides nutrition from a variety of natural ingredients; Ideal for iguanas, blue tongued skinks, tegus, box turtles, red and yellow foot tortoises and hermit crabs
Target Species Reptile
Item Form  Pellet, Frozen
Breed Recommendation  All Breed Sizes

Fluker’s Aquatic Turtle Medley Treat Food

USD 6.91

Freeze-dried blend of river shrimp, mealworms, and crickets. Provides essential proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals.
Brand  Fluker’s
 Specific Uses for Product  Stomach, Organic
Key Feature Proper balance of essential nutrients; Provides essential proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals; Adds variety to diet with a wide variety of medley  
Target Species  Reptile
Item Form  Pellet
 Breed Recommendation  All Breed Sizes

Tetra ReptoMin Floating Food

USD 16.72

For 50 years, fishkeeping enthusiasts have looked to the Tetra name for products and solutions that add ease and beauty to their home. Whether you’re an experienced hobbyist or just starting out, Tetra has everything you need–-from a large variety of quality fish food and innovative equipment to test kits and decor. ReptoMin has been trusted by pet owners world-wide for over 30 years.
Tetra ReptoMin Floating Food Sticks with Calcium and Vitamin C is a scientifically formulated diet for aquatic turtles, newts and frogs. The easy-to-digest formula is formulated with the latest nutritional and manufacturing technologies with precise amounts of nutrients, Calcium and Vitamin C to support vitality and good health. Use Tetra ReptoMin Floating Food Sticks to feed one to two times per day and only as much as your pet can consumer within several minutes. For a variety, we recommend trying one of the Tetra ReptoTreat foods.
Brand Tetra
Flavor Other
Key Feature Scientifically formulated; proven to be readily accepted by dozens of species. Feed 1 to 2 times per day, only as much as your pet can consume within several minutes.
Target Species Turtle, Fish
Item Form Stick
Breed Recommendation  Small Breeds

Ultra Fresh – Turtle Nutri Stick, Wild Sword Prawn, Turtle Food

USD 16.35

Nutri Sticks stay intact for 24 hours which result in clear aquarium water. Probiotics in the food help break it down by ‘eating’ itself as it minimizes waste excretion for turtles.
Brand  Ultra Fresh
Specific Uses for Product  For Picky Aquatic Turtle
Key Feature Sword Prawn Flavor – A blend of wild sword prawns, akiami paste shrimp, vegetables and seaweed. A perfect 4:6 meat/vegetable protein ratio
Target Species  Turtle, Aquatic Turtle, Musk Turtle, Snapping Turtle, Red-Eared Slider, Diamondback Terrapins
Item Form  Stick
Breed Recommendation  All Breed Sizes


Frequently Asked Questions about Buying Turtle Feed

Regarding the various kinds of turtle treasures, it is natural not to ignore them. After understanding how to buy turtle feed and what products are available on the market, do you still have some doubts about feeding and feeding? The following lists a few problems that owners often encounter, hoping to solve the difficulties for everyone.

How often should a turtle be fed?

The recommended feeding frequency varies according to the age of the tortoise. Since the hatchlings are still in the growing stage, it is no problem to feed them every day. At the same time, considering the influence of the season, the feeding frequency can be slightly increased in summer, but it is not necessary to feed frequently in winter. In addition, feeding can be carried out in places other than the turtle’s usual living space, which can reduce the pollution of the environment by the residual bait.

How to adjust the amount of a single feeding?

Basically, it is ideal to use the amount that the tortoise can eat within 5 to 10 minutes without leaving any residual bait. And you need to be careful not to feed too full, so that the turtle can maintain the momentum of movement.

What information should I pay attention to in the ingredient list of turtle feed?

To give turtles adequate nutrition, the protein content in the feed must be more than 35%, and the ratio of calcium to phosphorus should be close to 2:1. Lipids and carbohydrates also need to be paid attention to, but because most feeds do not indicate the content of these ingredients, uneasy breeders may ask the store or veterinarian further.

Possible reasons why turtles don’t eat feed

I don’t know if you have encountered a situation where the turtle suddenly does not eat feed. Due to environmental changes and health conditions, its appetite will be affected. Let’s take a look at the solutions below.

picky eaters

Like humans, tortoises have dietary preferences and like to add fish meal, shrimp meal and other strong-flavored feeds. However, in order to allow pet turtles to have a balanced nutritional intake, in addition to selecting 2 or 3 types of feed and changing them regularly, boiled chicken, shrimp, fish or pork liver can also be cut into small pieces and fed. However, there are many parasites and bacteria in live baits such as earthworms, so it is not recommended for pets to eat them.

Tension due to environmental changes

The environment can also affect the turtle’s appetite, especially when moving to the owner’s home for the first time, which can lead to loss of appetite due to stress. Most pet turtles will gradually regain their appetite after they are familiar with their new home. Owners can also use the same feed as the pet shop to feed them to help them understand the new environment faster.

Bad temperature control

Since turtles are ectothermic animals, the temperature can easily affect their metabolism and digestion. Generally speaking, the most suitable temperature for pet turtles is about 25 to 30 °C, but there are different ranges depending on the species. In addition, when the seasons change in the early spring and the rainy season, the temperature usually changes with it, so it is also the time when the turtle is most likely to lose appetite, and owners can pay more attention to its health. If the temperature is too high, you can move the breeding box to a cool place; if the temperature is too low, you can set up a special heater for the water, or install a turtle insulation lamp on land.

Stress due to unclean water and insufficient sunlight

Sunlight not only affects appetite, but can also help the formation of tortoise shells and prevent skin diseases. If you can’t raise them in sunlight at home, you can buy ultraviolet light instead. In addition, ultraviolet rays can be generally divided into three types. Among them, medium-wave ultraviolet (UVB) can make turtles generate vitamin D and help calcium absorption; while long-wave ultraviolet (UVA) can increase appetite.
In addition, the cleanliness of the tank can also affect the turtle’s diet. If the home is an aquatic turtle, dirty water may reduce its appetite. Therefore, owners must remember to clean them frequently to maintain a healthy and hygienic living environment for their pets.

Before spawning

The female turtle before laying eggs is more sensitive and cautious, which leads to a loss of appetite or even no feed at all, but most of the time it will return to its original state after giving birth, so there is no need to worry. Owners can pay more attention to whether their pets have signs of digging burrows, or observe whether their temper is more impetuous.

Turtle may get sick even if they don’t eat it at all

If the condition is not caused by the above reasons, the possibility of getting sick is greatly increased. At this time, it is recommended to bring the turtle to the animal hospital immediately for early diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.


This time, I introduced some points for purchasing turtle feed, and recommended dozens of healthy and delicious feeds in the form of a ranking list. What do you think? In addition to looking for feed according to the turtle’s eating habits and growth stage, you can also observe its dietary preferences as a reward or feed it as a snack, so that your pet can live happily every day.

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