Since their teeth will always grow, rabbits are an animal that needs to grind their teeth, which can cause quite a lot of diseases if their teeth are too long. In daily rearing, Timothy hay can be used as a rabbit master. It can not only make the rabbit grind its teeth, but also promote gastrointestinal movement, supplemented with some fine food, such as rabbit food. Keeping rabbits requires regular dental check-ups, and if there are any problems, such as loss of appetite, go to a pet hospital for a detailed check-up.

What do rabbits use to grind their teeth

Because rabbits, unlike cats, dogs, or humans, have teeth that continue to grow throughout their lives. And long teeth in rabbits can cause many diseases. Such as refusing to eat, improper occlusion, oral injury and inflammation; Serious may cause some eye disease, rhinitis, ear inflammation and even head infection, so rabbit teeth grinding is very important. Under normal circumstances, rabbit teeth grinding is mainly fed a large amount of crude fiber food to achieve the purpose of teeth grinding. It is more common to feed the rabbit coarse fiber such as Timothy hay, alfalfa hay, etc., which also helps the rabbit gastrointestinal movement, supplemented by feeding some fine rabbit food. You can also buy commercially available molars or wood.

How does rabbit tooth grow too

If it is too long, it is recommended to take it to a pet hospital for dental repair by a professional pet doctor, and the over-long part of the tooth is removed. Rabbits are rodents, and their incisors grow quickly. It is recommended to provide more molars for rabbits during feeding, such as Timothy hay, molars wood and molars stone, to avoid excessive growth of the incisors.

What does the rabbit grind its teeth to eat

Rabbits grind their teeth mainly on a variety of coarse fiber foods, such as Timothy grass and alfalfa. In addition, use a variety of long fruits and vegetables, such as carrots, for teeth grinding purposes. There are also rabbit molars on the market, which can also help rabbits to grind their teeth. But if the rabbit’s teeth are already very long, when the molars fail, it needs to be broken artificially.

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