The first step in raising cute hedgehogs is to prepare their special feed, because they are animals that require the owner to carefully manage their nutritional intake. Although some owners will use cat food instead of feeding, considering the necessary nutrients such as protein, fat, and fiber, it is still recommended to use special commodities as the staple food, which can make the baby hedgehog eat delicious and healthy. It’s just that there are many kinds of hedgehog feed, and the products of various manufacturers are even more varied, and it is always confusing when choosing. For this reason, this article will explain the purchasing skills in detail, and recommend the ranking of ten popular products that can be obtained from the Internet. At the end of the article, it will also introduce how to deal with the baby’s resistance or anorexia. Please read this article patiently and choose a suitable product for the small diners at home.  


Buying points for hedgehog feed

Next, we will introduce the selection method of hedgehog feed, please be sure to check it before purchasing.  


High protein feed is better

The ideal nutrient composition ratio of hedgehog feed is based on protein content of 30-50%, fat 10-20%, fiber 15%, and the ratio of calcium and phosphorus is about 1.2-1.5:1.0. The above data can be used as a reference, and it is not necessary to find a product that exactly matches; the closer the representative is to this value, the better the feed can meet the nutritional needs of hedgehogs. In particular, protein is an important source of nutrition for them. When hesitating between similar products, the one with high protein content can be given priority. In addition, even if you have purchased a special feed for hedgehogs, there may still be insufficient nutrients. Therefore, feed can be used as the staple food, and animal protein can be added with insect bait such as mealworms or crickets, and chicken; and vegetables or unsweetened fruits can also give pets balanced nutrition.  


Confirm the tasting period and content

I believe that many people have purchased large-packaged feed, but they could not use it up after the expiration date, so they had to reluctantly discard it. In order to avoid waste, don’t forget to confirm the manufacturing time and the taste period of the product before purchasing, so as to avoid buying too old products. In addition, in order to use it as soon as possible after opening, it is recommended to calculate the daily usage amount, and then select the product with the right amount.  


Meat-based products may also be considered

Wild hedgehogs use insects or invertebrates as their main food source, so meat-based feed is relatively suitable for their consumption. If you choose a feed that is not in line with your pet’s physique, it may cause uneven nutrient intake, which will lead to malnutrition and affect your health. Therefore, please use special products to feed, and try to avoid replacing the food with other animals such as cats or hamsters.  


Start with the small package first

The cute hedgehog is actually a picky eater, so if you buy a product it doesn’t like, it may be unwilling to eat it because of your pet, and it’s a pity to give up the whole package in the end. It is recommended that when you find a desired product, you should first buy a small package of products from a pet store or online store to try it out at home, and then buy a large package after confirming that your baby likes it.  


Recommend 8 popular hedgehog feeds

Next, we will introduce 8 popular feed products for you, please refer to them.  



Sunseed Vita Prima Wigglers & Berries Hedgehog Treat 

USD 6.42



Key Feature Fun Trail Mix Style Treat With Delicious Mealworms & Berries;  High Protein Treat Designed Specifically For Hedgehogs That Encourages Natural Foraging Instincts
Target Species Hedgehog
Flavor Berries
Item Form Seeds
Breed Recommendation All Breed Sizes

Hedgehog Complete 2 lb

USD 19.99

Brand Exotic Nutrition
Specific Uses for Product Weight Management, Nutrition, Growth
Key Feature  Nutritionally complete diet for Hedgehogs, fortified with vitamins & minerals; Veterinarian approved – suitable for European, Asian, and African hedgehog
Target Species Hedgehog
Item Form Pellet
Breed Recommendation Small Breeds

Hedgehog Essential 1.75 lb

USD 16.16

Brand Exotic Nutrition
Flavor Chicken
Key Feature Bite-size meat based high protein kibble is nutritionally packed with flavor that is sure to be a hit with even the pickiest Hedgehog
Target Species Hedgehog
Item Form Pellet
Breed Recommendation Small Breeds

Suncoast Sugar Gliders Spike’s Delite Hedgehog Premium Diet Food

USD 39.75

A totally cooked food supplement with chicken, whole soy and fish protein sources for hedgehogs. Along with minerals and vitamins, it provides specific nutrition for the young growing animal and/or for reproduction, as well as adult hedgehogs.

Along with minerals and vitamins, it provides specific nutrition for the young growing animal and/or for reproduction, as well as adult hedgehogs.

Brand Suncoast Sugar Gliders
Age Range Description Adult
Key Feature

SunCoast Sugar Gliders has been in the exotic pet business since 1999. We are devoted to sourcing the highest quality and safest products for your pets. You are always welcome to contact us as we are real people helping real people.

Target Species Hedgehog,Fish
Flavor Seafood, Chicken
Package Information Bag

Mazuri Nutritionally Complete Hedgehog Food

USD 9.59

Brand Mazuri
Flavor X
Key Feature

Watch your pet thrive with wholesome nutrition. Designed for hedgehogs at any stage in life; Provide an insectivorous diet. Contains a variety of animal ingredients that are appropriate for insectivores.

Target Species Hedgehog
Item Form Dry
Breed Recommendation Small Breeds

Sunseed Vita Prima Hedgehog Food

USD 10.48

Brand Sunseed
 Specific Uses for Product  Stomach, Organic
Key Feature

UNIFORM PELLETS: With food pellets that all look and feel the same, you don’t have to worry about your hedgehog’s selective feeding preventing them from getting the nutrition they need

Target Species Hedgehog
Item Form


 Breed Recommendation  All Breed Sizes

Pretty Pets Premium Hedgehog Food

USD 16.72

Pretty Pets Premium Hedgehog Food Hedgehog Maintenance Formula – In the wild Hedgehogs are insectivorous, which means they eat almost exclusively insects. Insects vary in their protein and fat content and the Hedgehog may choose one over the other. However, in captivity, most of the diets presently being fed to Hedgehogs are extremely high in fat and do not adequately balance out the proteins and fats. Ingredients Ground Corn, Corn Gluten Meal, Poultry Meal, Ground Oats, Beet Pulp Fiber, Potato Protein,

Wheat Isolate, Calcium Carbonate, Dicalcium Phosphate, Corn Oil, Sodium Bicarbonate, Dried Lactobacillus acidophilus Fermentation Product, Dried Bifidobacterium thermophilum Fermentation Product, Dried Bifidobacterium longum Fermentation Product, Dried Streptococcus faecium Fermentation Product, Dried Aspergillus oryzae Fermentation Extract Product, Choline Chloride, Casein, L-Lysine Monohydrochloride, DL-Methionine, Vitamin E Supplement, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Ferric Sulfate, D-Biotin, Yucca schidigera Extract, Zinc Oxide, Manganese Oxide, Niacinamide, Vitamin B12 Supplement, BHT (as a preservative), Copper Sulfate, Calcium Iodate, Beta Carotene, Vitamin A Supplement, Calcium Pantothenate, Sodium Selenite, Folic Acid, Riboflavin, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Thiamine Mononitrate, Menadione Dimethylpyrimidinol Bisulfite (source of Vitamin K3), Vitamin D3 Supplement, and Cobalt Sulfate.

Brand Pretty Bird
Item Weight 3.15 Pounds
Key Feature

Wholesome vegetable meal mix for hedgehogs; Replaces inconsistent insect feed; Full of proteins & nutrients; Packaged in 3 lb. bags

Target Species Hedgehog, Bird
Age Range Description Senior
Breed Recommendation  Small Breeds

Sun Seed 36035 Vita Prima Hedgehog Treat

USD 12.90

Brand Sunseed
Flavor Berries, Wigglers
Key Feature

Fun Trail Mix Style Treat With Delicious Mealworms & Berries; High Protein Treat Designed Specifically For Hedgehogs That Encourages Natural Foraging Instincts; Made In The Use

Target Species Hedgehog
Item Form Seeds
Breed Recommendation Small Breeds


Tips for getting your hedgehog to eat well

Although you have selected a special product that is nutritionally balanced and suitable for hedgehogs, if your pet is still unwilling to eat it, it may be due to poor appetite or a partial eclipse. To see what’s going on, please also refer to the instructions below to adjust how you feed your feed.


Change the type or mix multiple feeds

Even humans get bored if they only eat the same food for a long time, and so do hedgehogs. Therefore, feeding the same type of feed for a long time may cause anorexia, so consider changing the type to see if it can arouse the pet’s appetite. Although the commercially available feed looks similar, the taste and texture of each product are different. It is recommended to add a small amount of new feed to the old feed and mix, gradually increase and then completely change the type, maybe you can find the taste that your baby likes.


Soften feed taste

Wild hedgehogs mostly feed on soft insects such as mealworms, so the food tastes too hard, which may also be the reason for their anorexia. In particular, babies or elderly hedgehogs have poor digestive ability, so you might as well add water to soften them before feeding them. Just pay attention to the fact that the feed is easy to spoil when it comes into contact with water. If you have leftovers, don’t leave them behind. You have to clean them up to prevent your baby from accidentally eating them next time and breaking their stomachs.


Smart use of raw bait

If you find that the hedgehog at home has a poor appetite, you can try feeding raw bait. At present, in addition to selling various insect bait in pet stores, you can also buy it online. And if the owner is afraid of live insects, there are also dry styles to choose from, please don’t worry too much. However, although raw bait can stimulate the appetite of hedgehogs, the fat content of mealworms is high, if eating too much may cause the hedgehog to gain weight, so it is recommended to give it as a snack occasionally.


Frequently Asked Questions about Buying Hedgehog Feed

After understanding how to buy hedgehog feed and what products are available on the market, do you still have any doubts about raising and feeding? The following lists a few questions that owners often encounter, and invites experts to answer them, hoping to solve problems for everyone.


Q: How much feed should I feed each day?

A: First of all, please always feed at night. As for the weight, the dry weight should be 1.4-3% of its body weight, and then it should be matched with clean vegetables and fruits that have not been cooked; the water weight can reach 3.5-7.5%, of course, it can also be used with some cats. can.


Q: What else can I feed hedgehogs other than feed?

A: Hedgehogs are omnivores, and even eat the corpses of other animals in the wild. In theory, they can eat vegetables, fruits, and meat. However, it is recommended not to eat too much fresh food, because it is difficult for us to formulate a combination suitable for hedgehog nutrition. Too much starch can cause obesity or gastrointestinal discomfort.


Q: What should I do when the hedgehog does not eat feed?

A: The temperature of the environment should be determined first. Too cold or too hot hedgehogs may reduce their activity and cause loss of appetite, so the first step is to determine whether the feeding and management are correct. Next, you can try some snacks to check whether you have appetite. If you don’t eat them, it is recommended to take them to the veterinarian for examination.



The above introduces the precautions for purchasing and a variety of products. I wonder if it gives the owners some more ideas when choosing? If a gourmet hedgehog encounters a feed that he doesn’t like, but he is unwilling to eat it at all, he may wish to refer to the shopping points, and choose a few products according to his pet’s preferences. I believe that one day I will be able to deploy the most suitable home Delicious meal for baby.

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