With the development of society, the economy has kept up with the pace, and people’s lives have become richer. Many people like to keep some pets at home, such as dogs and cats. Cat is a kind of mammal, which is divided into domestic cat and wild cat. Cat is one of the pets widely loved by people in the world. Seeing cats, people can’t help but have a feeling of love for cats. They are cute, gentle, sometimes a little cold, sometimes elegant and sometimes naughty.

What about a male cat in heat

But in some families with cats, there are always some problems that people can’t do anything about. One of the questions is: what should we do when the male cat is in heat? When male cats encounter estrus, they will like to urinate randomly. This so-called random urination situation is completely different from that of real cats. They urinate not for urination, but to divide the field. When a male cat is in estrus, it will stand on two legs, hold its tail high, and then pull its urine on a vertical object. The tail will shake. A male cat’s oestrus is different from a female cat’s oestrus.

What about a male cat in heat

When a male cat is in estrus, it can find a suitable partner to meet the physiological needs of the male cat during estrus. If the owner of the male cat doesn’t want the cat to be in heat, it is suggested that the owner of the cat take the cat to the pet hospital for sterilization as soon as possible.

If male cats are often unable to mate, it will do great harm to the cat’s reproductive organs. Their reproductive organs will have congestion symptoms, leading to the cat’s genital inflammation. It may also lead to the cat’s urine closure. One day of urine closure will lead to the cat’s uremia or acute renal failure, which will do great harm to the cat.

What about a male cat in heat

During the estrus of male cats, the mood of male cats will also become restless. They will try their best to leave home and go outside to find their mating partner. Moreover, at night, the cat will howl, and the noisy people can’t sleep at ease.

If the cat’s estrus is not mated, the cat will appear intermittently and continuously. The interval between slow estrus to the back will be shortened, and the cat’s condition will be more and more serious than before.

Of course, there is more than sterilization for male cats in estrus. For example, the owner plays with the cat more and uses cat toys to distract the cat’s attention. During the period of cat estrus, the owner does not need to bathe the cat.

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