In modern society, many people like to keep cats and dogs. But many people who keep cats and dogs are just for fun and have no idea about the advantages and disadvantages of keeping these pets! Of course, there are many benefits to owning a dog, but so are owning a cat, and studies have even shown that cat owners may have better IQs than dog owners! Of course, it is not certain, most of the IQ is just like this! And the cat is relatively small, let the girl more like, and boys I think may like dogs ah, Tibetan mastiff ah, anyway, Tibetan mastiff small make up is not able to afford it! It takes more than a month’s salary to raise one Daisy! I really can’t afford it.

The advantages of owning a cat

Today I will give you talk about how to raise the cat! There ARE MANY KINDS OF CATS, IN FACT, MOST kinds are the same, but artificial because of regional differences, just like people have black, white, yellow skin color! Cats are just different hair, in fact, there is no difference in essence, so the Chinese rural cat will not be better than other cats to raise, of course, I believe that many people think Xiaobian is nonsense, but it is really so! So you know what is the advantage of keeping cats?

The advantages of owning a cat

In fact, keeping cats is good for environmental protection. Remember the ozone hole over the Antarctic? It is rarely mentioned in recent years, but it still exists. So keeping cats is much less carbon emissions than keeping dogs.

Again IS THE CAT IS A CURE FOR PETS, looks harmless, KEEP A CAT cat, can help the owner quickly out of the pain, even if lovelorn what! And our lovely and charming cat to accompany you, your mood will be a lot better, not lost to the extreme, and even want to jump off a building! Because cats are so cute!

The advantages of owning a cat

And some girls may be interested in a guy who has a cat because he thinks he can raise a cat! Directly give the host charm points! You never know when you’re out walking your cat! And then you meet your true love!

So do you like to keep cats? What do you think about cats? I think having a cat and spending time with it every day will make you feel much better!

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