What are the symptoms of calcium deficiency in Labrador? The Labrador retriever in the teething period is deficient in calcium, which is easy to cause double-row teeth and periodontal disease. And growing Labrador calcium deficiency, will lead to X, O leg, joint deformation, rib eversion and other symptoms; In addition, calcium deficiency serious Labrador will also have pica, like to eat feces, sand and stone.

1. Double row of teeth

If not timely supplement right period labrador demand for calcium, the dog dog baby teeth is not fall off and permanent teeth have growth, will cause the dog dog double row of teeth, the dog dog double row of teeth was going to be easy dirt, over time will lead to my teeth and bad breath, oral bacteria, cause gastrointestinal discomfort, gradually form the periodontal disease, will also affect the service life of the dog.

2. Skeletal dysplasia

If the calcium needs of the growing labrador are not met, the dog will develop skeletal hypoplasia, rib valcanus, deformity of the forelimb wrist joint, elbow joint, O-leg, etc. If not detected in time, improper treatment may cause permanent lameness or lying PAWS, affecting the dog’s normal walking after the day.

3. Pica

The most common symptom of Labrador calcium deficiency is loss of appetite, not liking to eat and not having a fever. If your dog is eating less and less, it is important to consider whether it is calcium deficient. Some dogs will also appear pica for a long time lack of calcium, dogs will eat their own feces, like biting wood, or small stones, etc., dogs eat these things for a long time will harm the dog’s stomach and intestines.

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