A lot of people have guppies in their homes, because guppies are really beautiful to look at, so someone asked guppies what their favorite food is. Here are some of the guppies’ favorite foods.

Daphnia: guppy likes to eat water flea, but it is worth noting that daphnia just came back from outside, do not take to feed the guppy, directly to know he can be the parasitic nematodes of daphnia, once he nematodes parasitic, it is difficult to solve the solution, and if it is the wild water fleas, because outside the water may be bacteria is more, if is directly put in the tank, It may infect the guppies in the aquarium. Pay attention to which type of Daphnia you get. If it is Daphnia sabra, it is not suitable for guppies to eat it in the aquarium because of its hard shell.

What do guppies eat

Silk earthworms: Guppies also like to eat silk earthworms, and silk earthworms are more commonly used in some aquariums live bait. Its NUTRITIONAL VALUE IS VERY HIGH, IF YOU KEEP it IN THE tank for a long time, it will allow the GUppy to eat at any time, and also help you to reduce the number of feeding times. Guppy because he will grow quickly, can also be used as medicine bait, first of all to feed the medicine to the silk earthworm, so that the silk earthworm into medicine primer.

What do guppies eat

Then give guppies to eat, the effect is very good, very conducive to the growth and development of silk earthworms. Silk EARTHWORMS SHOULD BE the MOST perfect feed, BUT because silk EARTHworms are brought from the wild, some aquARIums may first sterilize, but there is no exact guarantee that the body of silk earthworms will not carry any parasites and eggs, so special attention should be paid to the process of use.

What do guppies eat

Prawns: Prawns are the most commonly used, they are also THE SAFEST live bait, and they require less preparation time and procedures than others. But after he hatches, we should feed him as soon as possible, because he is most nutritious when he is just hatched with his yolk sac, and if he waits too long, the yolk will be absorbed by the anthracite larvae, so the nutritional value will not be as high. If there are a lot of harvest shrimp hatched, they can be frozen first, and then we can thaw them at the next feeding time.

Now I believe that everyone has understood what guppies like to eat, as their owners, since we raise guppies to take good care of him, especially in the aspect of food, guppies eat well. Then he’ll be healthy.

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