Only heard the name “tiger shark”, it would be easy to let a person associate to a horrible and cruel creatures, in fact the body is not so big of deterrence, the tiger shark the origin of the name just because its appearance shape are very similar with the sharks, but the theory of the relationship between them, the tiger shark and sharks actually is not a lot of contact, One of the more widespread areas they live in is in the Mekong River, where they’re quite common, and unlike deep-sea sharks, they’re freshwater creatures, living in fresh, warm rivers.

What do tiger sharks eat

They’re relatively adaptable, but that doesn’t mean they can adapt to cold temperatures. When the water temperature is below 18 degrees Celsius, the tiger shark’s movements will be affected and slowed down, and any lower temperatures will kill them.

They do not have high requirements for food. They can be said to be omnivorous aquatic organisms, and they eat a lot of food. The food they eat is generally:

What do tiger sharks eat

1. The tiger shark living in the water will feed on the decayed animal carcasses in the water, preferring meat, and will also eat some plant debris.

2. Tigerhead sharks will take some tiny plankton as the main food, aquatic algae as a supplementary food.

3. If it is artificial feeding, you can feed special fish feed, or corn meal, fish meal dried fish and so on. They will also eat all kinds of food mixed and matched, mainly with sufficient protein food, to supplement the energy needed.

It is precisely because of the wide food sources of steller sharks that they grow faster, and can grow to 30cm to 40cm or even longer in a short time. Steller sharks growing freely in the wild will be larger than those raised in captivity, and can eat more food.

What do tiger sharks eat

Although they do not have any blood relationship with sharks, but there are similarities in character and temperament, tiger shark is not suitable for ornamental fish, because they will keep running in the water, the tank environment will be disturbed, greatly affect the ornamental, but in the market there are fish and it mixed examples.

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