Turtle feeding method is simple and life is very long, especially many children will like to keep a few small turtles to watch. However, many netizens found that after several months of good care, the turtle still did not feel any growth. Are they not getting enough nutrients? What do turtles eat? Today Xiaobian to introduce a few turtle secret recipe, like friends can see oh.

What do turtles eat

Although the turtle looks similar, but there are different varieties of we can also feed it according to the varieties to feed it the right food oh.

They are also divided into five types according to their living environment: aquatic turtles, land turtles, Marine turtles, benthic turtles and semi-aquatic turtles. These kinds of food are different.

Aquatic turtles eat a variety of food can be fed. Semi-aquatic turtles are carnivores. Land turtles prefer grass and leaf food. Most of our tortoises are omnivorous. For example, worms, snails, mussels, small fish, small shrimps, insects, and vegetable leaves, melon peel, rice, wheat grains, duckweed and so on can be eaten.

But if we want the turtle to grow faster and better, we also need to feed it with nutrients. For example, animal foods can be mixed with plant-based foods. Small fish and shrimp can be fed with vegetable leaves. This nutrition will be more comprehensive and sufficient.

What do turtles eat

We should also pay attention to the turtle when we usually raise it. Although it’s easy to feed, it can’t be ignored.

1. We should pay attention to the living environment for it. If it is fed in the pool at home, we must put some bricks and stones in the pool that can be exposed to the water. It’s easy for them to rest. They like to sleep in the nest and feel more secure. We can also build them a nest of bricks.

What do turtles eat

2. Turtles also like to eat meat. Especially small turtles to meat based. If it is a large turtle can add vegetarian food. In addition to the above mentioned we can also add some earthworms, snails, loaches, animal organs and so on.

What do turtles eat? I hope you will find it helpful.

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