Water fish, which is often referred to as snapper, kingfish, turtle. Their meat is very tasty, very rich in nutrition, is a good dish that often appears on our table, so it is a little expensive. So now some families have their own home to raise a few water fish, what food they eat, now look at it.

What do water fish eat?

Water fish is an omnivore that lives in the water. As a child, water fish take tadpoles, shrimps and insects in the water as food. After they grow up to fish, shrimp, snails, mollusks, fruits, vegetables and so on as food. Of course, nowadays, the professional fish farms are basically prepared feed. If you keep water fish at home, you usually keep one or two at a time, so you don’t have to buy water fish feed specifically for them, usually buy them some small fish, shrimp, or some pork on the line, of course, you can also feed some vegetable leaves and so on.

What do water fish eat?

If you feed them twice a day, it is recommended to feed them once in the morning and once in the evening. The amount of feeding should be decided according to the size of the fish you keep, when you don’t know at first, you can test them a few more times, and the best situation is when they finish eating the food, so you can slowly learn their approximate amount of food. When the weather temperature is below 15 degrees Celsius, the water fish basically start to enter hibernation, the activity time is greatly reduced, and they do not need to eat much, you only need to keep them in a small amount of water inside the tank can be.

What do water fish eat?

Water quality should be guaranteed if you keep water fish, the water inside the tank should be changed often, do not let the water quality become bad, sometimes the food is put more, the water fish did not finish eating to clean out in time. Buy back the small water fish to do a good job of cleaning up. In fact, the water fish is also very good fight, adult water fish and juvenile water fish is best not to mix together.

Well, the water fish will eat a lot of things or quite a lot. If you keep water fish, you can let them sunbathe more, but can not be exposed to the sun Oh, but also pay attention to one thing, feeding tools must be a little deeper, or a careless they will break out of jail.

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