When it comes to summer, the most thought must be cicadas, because it is the reporter of summer. In summer, there are many insect like animals, which also accompany us through childhood. I believe many people raised them when they were young. Among them, there are many people raising them now. Do you know what they eat? Next, Xiaobian will give you some tips!

What do you eat

Katydids is the scientific name of the beetle. The beetle is an Insecta, which is a larger species of crowing insects. Its body is mostly grass green, and a few are gray or dark gray. It inhabits in the jungle and grassland, and a few inhabit in caves and tree holes. It is known as the “little guard in the field” and deserves the reputation of being the first chirping insect. Many people will think that it is a cricket. They are different. One likes humidity and the other likes dryness, so it can be divided into Yang insect and Yin insect.

What do you eat

It is an omnivorous insect. It can feed a lot of things. Common vegetables and fruits can be used for feeding. Generally, it is recommended to eat foods with more plant protein. It mainly eats animal and plant feed and insects, such as corn borer, pine caterpillar, locust, fly, etc. among them, soybean plant protein is very high, carrot nutrition is complete, and it has excellent convenience. The newborn larvae are mainly fed with carrots. The adult larvae can be fed with meat food, but they should also be fed with some vegetables, melons and fruits to achieve balanced nutrition. Feeding food with a higher score can not only make it physically strong, make a louder sound, but also prolong its survival time.

What do you eat

There are also taboo foods and matters that should be paid special attention to, such as avoiding overfeeding and weak digestive system. Although it needs a lot of nutrition, it can’t eat too much. It’s easy to accumulate pests and affect its appearance. Avoid feeding sweets. Feeding foods that are too sweet or sticky can easily make the beetle bite the tip of its claws, resulting in limb breakage, which greatly reduces the value of play. Avoid feeding in the cage. The space of the cage in which he lives is limited, and his excrement is also in it. Feeding in the cage will make his living environment more dirty and messy. It’s not better to let the cranberry out and feed it. It can not only move the limbs, but also clean the insect tools. Killing two birds with one stone is not better. Avoid feeding foods with high water content, such as pear, watermelon, cucumber, etc. It is easy to cause diarrhea and avoid too humid environment. The growth of tadpoles is also related to the environment. Sunlight plays a certain role in the development of their shape and color. She likes to be dry and should be cleaned and dried regularly. However, during the feeding process, the foot must be moisturized so that it can move on a warm and humid towel. Secondly, to avoid being hurt, we should pay special attention not to let other creatures close to it, especially cats. Once cats find it, they will eat it. In addition, pesticides will also cause damage to it. Don’t spray it wantonly.

Well, seeing here, I believe the pet owners have understood and mastered the secret, so use it quickly!

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