Different people like to eat different things, then different kinds of dogs like to eat different things, here I’ll introduce what poodles like to eat.

Poodles need daily nutrients such as protein and sufficient minerals. If they are not fed enough protein and sufficient minerals, the color of their skin, mouth and back coat will become dull and their teeth will loosen. Therefore we have to feed them cereals and meat, where cereals include wheat and corn, and meat includes poultry, fish and pork.

What do poodles like to eat

Ground beef bones can cause anorexia in Poodles, but there is a seafood shellfish that contains a lot of calcium that is perfect for Poodles. Palmitate and cod liver oil contain a lot of fat, and water-soluble vitamin A and vitamin D are also good for Poodles’ growth and development, but don’t feed them vegetables with some carotenoids, so we can feed Poodles horse meat and flax, wheat, oats, beets, corn, and not rice, soy, or avocados.

What do poodles like to eat

The number of feedings per day varies from age to age. When a young poodle is born, there is no need to worry about feeding it because the mother has plenty of milk to feed it. When they reach a month and a half or two months, the mother’s milk will not be able to supply their needs, so it is time to feed the little poodle some food, first soften the dog food with brewed milk powder, note that it must be brewed milk powder, not bagged milk or fresh milk, because the bagged milk and fresh milk contain too much fat, the little poodle will eat it will be diarrhea. In the case of the little poodle still eating breast milk, two to three times a day, as the mother feeds less and less, we have to feed the little poodle four times a day, that is, every six hours to feed them.

What do poodles like to eat

When we look at other people’s poodles with a beautiful coat, we will inevitably be envious and jealous, so what can poodles eat to have a shiny coat? The first thing we should know is that a dog’s shiny coat is related to the nutrients they need throughout the day, such as adequate protein, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and other nutrients. Therefore, we can feed them eggs, rice, cheese and meat, in addition to these foods, we can also give our dogs to choose salmon, pure natural seaweed, professional hairdressing food to give our dogs beautiful hair.

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