In the countryside, large fields are hard work of farmers, there are also many, many unknown insects in the fields, but there is a bug we should all be familiar with, this species is the field snail, the field snail is a mollusk, reproductive capacity is very strong, a female snail can produce more than 100 young snails throughout the year, and the survival rate of small field snails is very high, so if there are field snails, you if you do not clean up So if there are snails in the field, if you don’t clean them up, it won’t be long before the snails can be fished out and eat a good meal! That said, I used to love is to touch the snail, we have a food, is the snail meat, thieves delicious, have the opportunity, friends can come to Hunan side to try!

What do you eat?

But the snail so can be born, but also so big, he said by eating what grows so big, the eyes of the editor, this snail are in the mud inside the touch, so, should the snail eat mud it! In fact, that’s just wishful thinking!

In fact, wild snails are really looking for food in the mud! Generally speaking, they eat microorganisms and plankton, and sometimes they also eat the leaves of plants that people leave in the fields. There is also moss, which the snail eats!

What do you eat?

But now many people are beginning to farm field snails, because field snail meat in some places is a delicacy, I told you guys, my hometown is, said to, according to farmers revealed ah! Farming field snail is actually not very high cost, because the field snail and can give birth to children, and eat less

Feeding snails, what fruits and vegetables, buckwheat, leaves, rice bran, etc. thrown into the farming production on the line, the snail will slowly eat, and the snail is not easy to die! So farming snails is still very easy, but the harvest time is not well-known good collection! If you are not careful, you can step on several of them!

What do you eat?

But the snail has requirements for water temperature, if the temperature is lower than 15 degrees, the snail will stop eating, and higher than 30 degrees, too, so it is generally raised indoors, and rarely if ever outdoors!

If you want to breed snails, it is recommended that you raise them in ordinary rice fields, but the density of snails should not be too high. About 40 per square meter is fine, too much food is enough! There will be a lot of death!

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