The cat is a kind of clingy and lazy little lovely ah, lazy word is the cat’s unique posture, fluffy it is not as lively as the dog, but also clever and naughty. Feeding the cat pet owners generally than feeding the dog pet advocate more easily, because the cat is very like immersed in his own world, and IQ is also very good, no pet owners often take out to walk, don’t often go to grind their teeth, taking a bath, and the cat’s self cleaning ability but for pet owners worry ah, Sometimes when a cat licks its tiny PAWS, it’s cleaning them.

The cat purred

When some pet owners get along with their cats, sometimes they will find the cat purring, pet owners think the cat is hungry, but the cat is not moved to the food basin, so what is it? In fact, it is very simple. Let’s have a look at the following points sorted out by Xiaobian for you:

1. When the cat is comfortable enjoying the caress and massage of the shovel excrement officials, the cat will make a purring sound to show that he is very comfortable. The lazy little expression is really loved by people.

2. The cat is frightened, or the spirit is in a tight state, also will emit such a sound, in the extremely tense situation will not stop howling, pet owners should always pay attention to the cat’s situation, and then soothe, relieve the cat’s tension.

The cat purred

3. There is also a kind of circumstance is the cats in cat friendly communication, between female cats and kittens, this kind of situation is the most common, the cat to the concern and care of the mother cat, will make this sound, attract the attention of the mother cat, kitten hungry, sometimes would like to call the mother cat, but have loved this picture.

4. Cats are also very human. If the pet owner is feeling down or depressed, the cat will run to the pet owner’s arms and purr to comfort the pet owner

The cat purred

The cat is not only a pet, but also the most lovely elf in our life. It can perceive the joys and sorrows of the pet master, and warm the pet master with its own small body. The cat is well worth keeping, and the backhand is a hug

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