What if a Labrador smells? It is recommended to bathe your labrador regularly, use a pet-specific body wash, and keep deodorant at home. Cleaning your Labrador’s ears on a regular basis can largely prevent body odor; Brushing your Labrador once a day after eating will remove bad breath.

1. Take showers regularly

Without the habit of showering regularly, Labrador’s body odor can be noticeable. It is recommended that you take a bath 2~3 times a month. During a certain period of time, you can also use dry cleaning powder and remove part of the smell. Of course, you can also use deodorant on the Labrador’s heavy smelling areas (to prevent the eyes, nose and mouth), which is a good way to remove the smell. Families can prepare 1 or 2 bottles of deodorant spray to use when needed.

2. Clean your ears

Also clean your Labrador’s ears regularly throughout life. Dogs also develop earwax quickly. It can be mainly white, yellowish, or yellow, and varies in shape from powdery and lumpy to mushy, which is generally normal. But the owner must timely remove these earwax, if not cleaned for a long time, it is easy to breed ear mites, serious if induced and disease, will make the dog produce strong body odor.

3. Clean your teeth

If the Labrador has bad breath, it indicates that there is a problem in the oral cavity of the labrador. There may be dental stones or periodontitis. The reason for the oral problems is that the teeth of the labrador are not cleaned properly. Get some rubber toys or chicken jerky to grind your teeth, clean your teeth, and prevent oral diseases.

4. Squeeze the anal gland

Anal gland and labrador odor source of weight, if lala exercise insufficiency, it is easy to cause anal gland stink, because there is no way to push out the anal gland excess fluid, so suggest owners take out a lesbian movement more at ordinary times, can with the movement of the time to do some training, lala is clever, as long as you give a few small snacks, absolute darling training, Exercise enough, can help push anal gland fluid, of course, take a bath also want to squeeze anal gland regularly.

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