What if Labrador doesn’t like to eat? Check the Labrador is not sick, if because of illness and do not like to eat, should be treated as soon as possible; If indigestion causes food resistance, you can feed the Labrador to eat probiotics or tablets; At ordinary times to take the Labrador dog out exercise, to help promote digestion, improve appetite.

1. Treat diseases

Labrador dogs do not eat, the first thing the owner should consider is whether the Labrador dog is uncomfortable, is not sick, or stomach worms lead to decreased appetite, you can take the dog to check, if the disease caused by refusing to eat, to timely treatment.

2, reasonable diet

Secondly, pay attention to the diet of Labrador dogs, not too single, if always eat the same food, for a long time who will have no appetite, the owner should adjust the feeding method of Labrador dogs appropriately. Give your dog a good, comfortable meal, so he will be more interested in food, not picky and anorexic.

3. Recuperate gastrointestinal tract

Labradors don’t eat, also may be because of gastrointestinal side appeared a certain diseases, such as indigestion or gastroenteritis, so this time the parents can give dogs eat some pets help digestion of drugs, such as pet pill or probiotics, if parents not in doubt, consult your doctor can also take the dog to the hospital to targeted therapy.

4. Exercise moderately

Finally, the cause of the many dog doesn’t like to eat is also related to sports, if not enough movement, the labrador retriever is often eat sleep, wake up and eat, and no proper exercise, will cause the dog dog can’t digest, very prone to indigestion symptoms, but also easy to obesity, it will influence the appetite of the dog, So proper exercise is very necessary.

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