What if the Pomeranian is too active? If the Pomeranian is too active, first of all, it should be trained to understand the command, and obey the command; You can reprimand Pomeranian when it is naughty, and reward it after it is quiet; Or you can take the Pomeranian out more exercise to release energy, so that it does not have excess energy to trick or treat.

First, let the Pomeranian learn to follow orders. If the dog is well educated, it is very good. For example, when a dog is extremely active, we can stop it with the command “NO”. Or ignore the dog when he’s too excited to follow orders. Wait for him to calm down, then start training.

If the Pomeranian continues to act up and refuses to stop, the owner should immediately reprimand it with a firm voice: “Be quiet.” When the dog stops barking and jumping, the owner may wish to encourage it with a treat or a compliment. The idea is to show the dog that being obedient and keeping quiet will be appreciated and rewarded.

For very energetic Pomeranian, can take it out of the house exercise, sufficient exercise can deplete the dog’s energy. After a long day of playing or running, a dog would rather get a good night’s sleep than waste energy on mischief.

It’s best not to hit a Pomeranian. One of the most common mistakes we make when raising a dog is to hit a dog. Many hothead in the process of raising a dog, see the dog repeatedly, like to beat the dog. To know that the dog is also a need to be coiling creatures, if blindly to beat the dog, it is easy to cause the dog rebellious psychology, the bigger the destruction, difficult to manage.

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