This question depends on the specifics of the dog itself. This is because dogs of different breeds, sizes, and stages of growth have different calcium needs. There are also differences in the methods of calcium supplementation. However, no matter what kind of dog it is, puppies that are in the normal nursing period do not need to take any more calcium supplements. The breast milk given by their moms has plenty of calcium nutrients in it and is perfectly capable of providing what they need for their growth.

What is the best calcium supplement for dogs

Dogs after weaning. Whether or not calcium supplementation is needed, as well as what and how much, need to be analyzed according to the size and type of dog. In general, the calcium contained in the puppy special dog food eaten by miniature small dogs is already enough to supplement its needs, and there is no need to take additional calcium supplements. For medium and large dogs, they grow big and fast. The need for calcium also increases. The quality of calcium in the special food for puppies will not be able to meet their growth needs. At this time, you can add some supplementary food, such as nutritional powder, vitamins, calcium powder and so on.

What is the best calcium supplement for dogs

⒈ quality dog food is the first choice. If the economic conditions of the breeder’s family allow, you can buy some imported high-quality dog food. Especially for the selection of puppies, try to use the specialized puppy food as good as possible. Moreover, after ten months of puppy dog food can be transitioned to adult dog special food. Regarding the senior dogs, they are also easy to lack of calcium, it is best to buy special food for senior dogs.

Peculiar calcium supplements can be given at regular intervals if the dog bred in the house is not eating mainly dog food. Breeders can buy calcium tablets for dogs or children’s calcium tablets. Just follow the instructions for calcium supplementation.

What is the best calcium supplement for dogs

A good remedy should be used. Usually can give the dog to eat some fish, shrimp, soy products and so on. One thing to note here is that it is best not to think about giving the bones to the puppy for calcium, which is not easy for it to digest. At the same time, do not give the milk to the puppy to drink, it is easy to cause diarrhea in the puppy belly. If the diarrhea of puppies is not treated in time, it will cause more health problems.

Singing is usually a good idea to take your dog out in the sun. The digestion and absorption of calcium in your dog’s body needs to be promoted by proper sun exposure.

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