Nowadays, there are many cat slaves, that is, they keep cats at home and are willing to do anything for cats. This is also a manifestation of valuing their cats. Therefore, these people also attach great importance to the health of their cats. Even those who have female cats at home want to sterilize their female cats in advance So when will cats be sterilized? In fact, if you want to sterilize your cat, the sooner the better

When are cats sterilized

Some people may not understand why it is necessary to sterilize the female cat. In fact, every production is dangerous. If the baby is not taken care of, it will also be very susceptible to illness. Therefore, if the mother cat is sterilized, it can reduce the incidence rate of what is happening. If you really want to sterilize the female cat, it’s best to sterilize the female cat before the first estrus. It can be said that the earlier the better

Because with the growth of the cat’s body, the female cat’s reproductive function will gradually mature. If the sterilization age is too old, the probability of female cat suffering from breast cancer will increase in the future. Therefore, it is best to sterilize the female cat before sexual maturity, so as to avoid many diseases If the female cat is sterilized when she is mature, it is best to sterilize when she is still

When are cats sterilized

In addition, it should be noted that after the operation, the owner must take care of the female cat carefully, because her body and mind are very sensitive and fragile at this time. It is best to stay in the hospital for careful observation before she wakes up after the operation to avoid some postoperative emergencies In addition, anti-inflammatory and analgesic treatment should be carried out for several days after the operation. At the same time, the food prepared for the cat after the operation should be nutritionally balanced. At the same time, the cat should wear surgical clothes to avoid infection at the wound

When are cats sterilized

When will cats be sterilized? If you want to sterilize your cat at the beginning, it’s best to do it in about four months, so the damage will be much less In addition, animals actually have many functions like people, and their feelings are also very sensitive. Therefore, we must accompany them more after operation to avoid psychological problems in the future

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