In fact, in today’s, 21st century, our quality of life is already before simply can not compare, to be more happy to have more happy, to have more happy! But the quality of life up, but the human body and mind is very tired, many people in order to performance, in order to work, desperate to do, but the results, but still abandoned by his girlfriend, dislike him useless! What so and so abounds! So, there are a lot of people began not to find a girlfriend, girlfriend is what, can eat it! What’s the use? Use to make yourself unhappy? More people choose to have a faithful puppy to keep themselves company! Or always healing kitten to heal their broken hearts!

Turtles don't eat

But there is no shortage of brainy people in this world! In raising pets this is a lot of many, raising cats and dogs I think it is normal, but you whole out a scorpion, snakes such cold-blooded animals you are not afraid to scare people to death! But like these okay is a few, but there is a creature, like more people, but I think it is very smelly and very ugly, yes is the old turtle, commonly known as the thousand-year-old king of eight!

Turtle this creature ah, it is very strange, a turtle shell on the back, also do not know what the turtle natural enemy, always feel the turtle natural enemy, teeth is really good!

Turtles don't eat

I know a few partners who raised turtles, turtles also went to the name, said that in the future they have a son, the turtle passed to him! I also admire the old man, you want to see your son old, you keep the turtle dead or not.

But actually, turtles sometimes feel like they’ll die! How about sometimes the turtle will be hunger strike, a little food will not eat, I am also very curious about why this is, asked my friends after they said is in hibernation, but now is a big summer ah, hibernation you a please ah! Do turtles start hibernating in October! Maybe my friend came from Russia!

Turtles don't eat

Later, I checked the information, only to find that the turtle is actually very dull, eyes sick will not see food, and, the nose is not very good, so if the turtle’s eyes are sick, can not see food is very normal! You need to take it to a pet doctor for treatment.

There is also the possibility that the turtle has gastroenteritis! Or the body has a minor problem, but generally will not let the turtle gg! Just the owner should remember to timely medical treatment will not be a big problem.

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