Now more and more people have pet dogs, but once the pet dog has tear stains, it really affects the aesthetics, especially for some white fur dogs, simply pull down the dog’s entire face value. It looks dirty on the face, and people who don’t know think you’ve never washed your dog’s face. Today we will talk about the causes of dog tear marks and ways to remove them!

Dogs have tear marks cause


01, diet, it can be said that diet is one of the most common and common causes of tear stains in dogs. More than half of the dogs with tear marks are caused by dietary problems. Because some pooper scoopers feed their dogs dog food or homemade dog food, which contains high levels of salt, or high levels of allergy-prone cereals (for example, cornmeal, wheat, etc.). Some even feed the dog rice or fried things that people eat, easy to fire urine is yellow, but also very easy to produce tear marks.

Due to the formation of dietary problems tear marks solution: change the dog food, recommended natural dog food containing vegetables or fruits, no grain is best. Such as purple potatoes and duck type, give the dog more water. Try to eat lighter. Sometimes change your pet’s dog food, you will find unexpected results! Dogs can eat vegetables and fruits! And what food pet dogs can not eat?

▲02, ear infection, some people will find it strange that there are tear marks in the eyes and hairy relationship with the ears? In fact, ear problems in dogs are also a common factor in the formation of tear stains. When our dog’s ears receive viral infections, such as ear mites, ear infections, etc. can cause swelling and itching of the dog’s ears. Dogs will scratch their ears frequently. But the nerve crossings in a dog’s face are a very sensitive area. When the pain in the dog’s ear canal extends around its eyes, it stimulates the tear glands to secrete tears, and when too many tears can’t be drained from the nasolacrimal ducts, they flow out of the corners of the eyes. Tear stains are formed when they accumulate over time.

Solution for tear stains due to ear canal problems: Clean your dog’s ear canal regularly to avoid ear mites and ear infections. You can use Ergon or Vick’s Ear Wash to help your dog put a few drops in the ear canal every week and pull it out with a cotton ball!


03, eye disease, there are a majority of dogs tear marks caused by eye disease, such as nasolacrimal duct blockage, lacrimal gland inflammation or eyelid entropion. The normal dog lacrimal gland secrete tears will enter the pet’s nasal cavity through the lacrimal duct and will not flow from the corner of the eye, while if the nasolacrimal duct is blocked will flow from the corner of the eye tears. Over time, the dog’s tear stains are formed. There are also cases where the eyelashes of the dog’s eyes are inserted inwards into the eyes, which can cause the eyelashes to irritate the dog’s cornea all the time, also causing tear stains. However, an entropion needs to be taken to the hospital for surgery!

Tear marks formed due to eye problems solution: you can give the dog oral Taiwan’s Mary Yang natural tear marks powder, this product is said by Chinese professionals to be superb tear marks products, long-term use can reduce tear marks, the effect for 99% of the dog is a good effect, generally after taking two weeks will have an effect! Mary Yang are herbal ingredients, long-term use of the body only benefits all harmless, is purely natural, Taiwan side of the pet products have strict standards, to test a long time to market, so the safety aspect please rest assured! Or oral tear marks elimination, this is also a natural herbal medicine to tear marks through the nasal tear ducts of the Netflix product, the effect is also good!

There is also a cause of the dog’s congenital genetic problems, you can try to give the dog’s eyes daily drops of bright clean eye drops to eliminate inflammation to help reduce and eliminate the tear stains condition

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