Teddy is currently one of the most popular dog breeds, I believe that everyone in the process of raising Teddy, have noticed that its coat color will slowly become lighter, right, so Teddy’s coat color becomes lighter, how to brighten up? The following let me teach you the way to brighten up!


1、If you want your Teddy’s coat to get brighter, then you should definitely feed it some beautiful food, such as carrots, cabbage, salmon, egg yolk, and seaweed powder can all play a role in brightening the coat.

So the owner usually in addition to feeding dog food may also feed these foods, there is a lot of help for the Teddy!


2、In addition to feeding beautiful hair food, the owner must take the Teddy out more, if you often shut it in the house, then the exposure to sunlight will also cause the hair to fade.

So if you want your Teddy’s coat to shine, then it’s important to get some sun!

3、If the usual diet is not balanced enough, Teddy’s body lacks certain nutrients, the color of the hair will become lighter, lose its luster, dry and easily break.

So Teddy with poor hair quality needs protein supplements, fish oil, lecithin can supplement Teddy with essential minerals and vitamins to make hair color look good!


4、Want the hair shiny, then the diet is important, the owner should not feed salt better food or dog food, or it will accelerate the fading, resulting in a non-shiny situation.

Dog food is best to choose light and low salt, but also to remove tear marks, supplementing the nutrition required by Teddy!


5、If the conditions of the pet owners, to Teddy choose training snacks, you may also choose a dog snacks to help beautiful hair, like this “greedy not greasy goat cheese” can be beautiful hair, but also calcium, supplement elements.

There are also people eat snacks do not give Teddy to eat, will also cause hair lightening situation!

Is your Teddy fading badly?

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