How to keep Pomeranian beautiful? It is best to choose low oil and low salt professional dog food to feed Pomeranian; Groom the Pomeranian daily, bathe, trim, trim nails and squeeze anal glands regularly; Do a good job of Pomeranian socialization training patiently, between two and a half months and three months is the best period of learning.

First, daily diet

Pomeranian dogs are more likely to have serious hair loss problems, some owners will give Pomeranian to eat a lot of meat sausage, liver and other food, or to eat leftovers to feed Pomeranian, meat more. This is easy to lead to Pomeranian picky food, partial food, thereby malnutrition and nutrition imbalance, thereby causing hair drop. In addition, too much salt and oil intake for a long time, also easy to cause endocrine disorders, which will cause hair loss.

So, for Pomeranian diet, dog owners must pay attention to. Can not feed salt, oil, additives (ham, canned, etc.), people eat food, meat eat too much, etc., usually try to feed some low salt, low oil composition of natural dog food, the most also choose some with deep sea fish oil composition, has certain benefits to hair.

Second, the nursing

When a Pomeranian is about two months old, he will begin to change his teeth, which is when he will develop permanent teeth. At this time, its baby teeth are particularly sharp. The owner can prepare a towel and wet it with ice water for it to chew (ice cold can relieve the pain of tooth replacement) or give it some toys to chew on.

Groom Pomeranian daily, bathe Pomeranian regularly, trim her hair, trim her nails and squeeze her anal glands.

Three, training,

Young period of Pomerania, urine and DEFecation are not regular, excretion times a lot of, training up to a certain degree of difficulty, as the master must have patience. Before training him to relieve himself in the designated place, make sure he understands his name, the tone of praise and criticism, and the command to go to the toilet.

In addition, between two and a half and three months of small Pomeranian, is the best learning period, the ability to accept new things is particularly strong, this time it can be early guidance training.


Pomeranian dogs are small, so they need less exercise. As long as there is a small area in daily life for him to run and jump is enough, or he can take a walk for half an hour every day, which can already meet his exercise. Since the limbs of Pomeranian dogs are slender bones, accidental injuries such as fractures caused by jumping from high places should be avoided. It is also necessary to give Pomeranian a good calcium supplement, you can feed some calcium tablets or calcium high dog food.

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