In today’s society, having a pet is not an uncommon thing, every household basically has a pet dog, cat or something! Why do people like to have pets? Because pets can bring happiness, in today’s everyone is very stressed, there is a pet to give you relief, is not very cool! And some healing pets, such as cats and rabbits, can heal the human heart, such as the heart of lost love! But there are good and bad pets! Like recently there is not a news, reported that firefighters do not save the dog, but also reprimanded firefighters it, in fact, I think, this person is sick it! Although the people in the comments section are three views are very positive, but I still want to say, firefighters can participate in social assistance, but is in the absence of other dangerous situations, and have time!

Clown fish are good to keep?

So, I think the giant baby do not have a pet, simply can become a burden on society ah! But I still three very positive outlook on the editor, okay, the dog does not listen, the kitchen knife to serve, tomorrow it will eat it, so my dog is very obedient! I take the kitchen knife every time, the dog are afraid to move and you say! But in fact, there are people who do not like dogs very much, so they will keep some pets at home that can not be taken out! Such as keeping fish! Always have a fish tank at home!

Clown fish are good to keep?

When it comes to raising fish, goldfish are now out, everyone is raising scavengers and clownfish! But still scavengers are not more, clownfish, as we all know is a saltwater fish, freshwater is not raised alive! That is to say, you want to raise clownfish, you have to live at home by the sea, playing seawater all year round! I’m all nonsense, in fact, as long as there is an aquarium on the line, freshwater to clownfish change water, indeed, is a trouble!

Clown fish are good to keep?

But when you solve the problem of clown fish water, in fact, clown fish for water quality requirements, salinity is about 1.022 to 1.025 between, pH is about 8! The water temperature is constant at about 26 degrees! This is the best environment for raising clownfish, which can be very demanding! And clownfish look very ugly is actually very aggressive animals, it is best not to keep too many, or they will fight! And clownfish are omnivores, so, what to eat or very casual!

So, the clownfish is still very good, but, first of all, after solving the problem of water pick is good to raise, otherwise it is a waste of work!

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