This giant noble named Caviar, not even a year old age has grown into a big man, the owner see it this fur is too long also should be repaired, took it to the pet beauty salon to get under the hair…

microsoft image_20190716143116.jpg

Here’s what it looked like before it was fixed, slightly rougher…

WeChat image_20190716143121.gif

I’ve known that the VIP is a “Queen of Variety” and is said to be able to hold all kinds of looks, but this time, I was still shocked at the owner:

microsoft image_20190716143126.jpg

From piggy girl to sophisticated all at once:

microsoft image_20190716143130.jpg

This temperament… No wonder they say poodles are poodles…

microsoft image_20190716143130.jpg

The beautician also said that in fact, it did not take much effort, people caviar bottom is good, a little treatment is like this

Seriously, poodles (including little teddies) are probably the most promising dogs in the woofing world. No matter how bad they look, if they are properly primped, they can immediately turn around and become ugly woofs…

Not to mention the VIPs who are always well taken care of by their owners… It’s just like the daily life of a little princess:

microsoft image_20190716143138.jpg

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