High temperature will cause heat stroke in rabbits. The rabbits with heat stroke will have red-hot mouth, nose and eyes, high body temperature, rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath and stop eating. If these symptoms are found in rabbits during high temperature, they should be dealt with in time. In the summer, be careful to keep rabbits in a cool place.

Rabbit heatstroke are generally caused by high temperature, the cause of the rabbit grows well in 15 to 25 degrees, the temperature of summer heat, the general temperature more than 30 degrees, the rabbit not heat-resisting, so lead to heat stroke, also related to the rabbit house, rabbit s high temperature and humidity, ventilation is not good, small cage breeding density is big, bad for heat dissipation, so can lead to heat stroke.

After finding the rabbit heatstroke, the rabbit should be immediately placed in a cool and ventilated place, after soaking cold water with a towel or gauze, apply the head, while feeding some salt water to cool down. We can also use the method of heat stroke treatment, feeding some huoxiang Zhengqi water, but pay attention to feeding, adult rabbits can take 1-2 grams each time, rabbit to reduce as appropriate, need to pay attention to is not to feed pregnant rabbits. Still usable balsamic essence drops in heat stroke rabbit’s nose, head, chest place, anyway want to bring down its body temperature.

In order to avoid heat stroke rabbits, if it is open breeding, should pay attention to shade from the sun, avoid sunlight; Indoor breeding should strengthen ventilation, speed up the air flow, breeding should not be too close, so as not to collect too much heat, is not conducive to heat dissipation.

In addition to drinking water feed should also pay attention to the summer high temperature rabbits for drinking water will increase a lot, so drinking water should be enough, can be appropriate to add some salt to cool down, drinking water feed must pay attention to fresh, do not pile up fever, mildew. In the breeding place is through air conditioning, fans and other cooling, but pay attention not to the rabbit directly blow, in addition to the rabbit’s whole body hair can be cut off, so that not only can collect rabbit hair, but also can heat.

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