The main reason why a rabbit jumps around is because it feels uncomfortable. This discomfort is reflected in two aspects, one is physiological, the other is pathological. The physiological reason is that the rabbit is thirsty, hungry, need the owner’s care and so on. Pathological causes are caused by rabbit diseases, such as foreign bodies into the sole of the foot, pain caused by various diseases, etc.

What happens to rabbits when they get scared

Rabbit courage is very small, nature is also very vigilant, to the sudden sound, rabbit is very sensitive. Frightened will hide or run away quickly, even appetite loss, the possibility of death is very big, the rabbit must be placed in a quiet place, do not easily disturb its life, give it a comfortable environment.

Symptoms of illness in rabbits

The symptom of rabbit illness is related to its specific illness condition. Generally speaking, the rabbit is sick and will show symptoms such as decreased appetite, listlessness, and not love to move around. If it is gastrointestinal disease, rabbits will also show constipation or diarrhea and other symptoms; If it is a respiratory disease, rabbits will show symptoms such as shortness of breath and breathing through their mouths.

What medicine does the rabbit take when it is sick

First the owner needs to know what’s wrong with the rabbit, and then give it treatment. If the owner cannot judge what disease the rabbit is suffering from, it is recommended that the owner take the rabbit to the veterinary hospital for examination. If the rabbit is caused by cold cold, then it is recommended that the owner of the rabbit placed in a warm, sheltered location, and then to the veterinary medicine shop to buy animal cold medicine to feed the rabbit; If the rabbit is due to indigestion and enteritis caused by improper diet, it is suggested that the owner buy the right amount of animal anti-inflammatory and anti-diarrhea drugs to feed the rabbit.

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