The texture and aroma of wet dog food are outstanding and have better palatability than dry food. At present, there are not only products that can be eaten as staple food, but also health foods that can be used as prescription formulas; in addition, snacks and snacks that can be used as after-dinner pastimes are also found. How to choose is good. This time, we will recommend the top ten popular wet dog foods in the form of a ranking list, including canned dog food, heating bags and other types. At the same time, it will also match the five main points of the product’s use, applicable age, preferences, ingredients and packaging, and briefly explain how to choose a wet dog food for you. Please refer to the following articles to find the most suitable product for your dog.  

Differences between wet and dry food

First of all, you must be familiar with the basic knowledge of dog food, which mainly includes dry food and wet food. Generally speaking, the dog food in everyone’s mouth refers to dry food, which has the advantages of brittle taste, easy preservation and high-cost performance; while wet food refers to food with high water content such as canned and fresh food, and its high palatability is the biggest feature is that it is more expensive than dry food, so it is mostly used as a snack or when the dog’s appetite decreases.  

Buying points of wet food for dogs

The following will introduce five key points that you must confirm when choosing wet food for dogs.  

Choose according to use

Wet food can be divided into three types according to the purpose. It is recommended to choose the appropriate product according to the occasion and purpose of use. Staple food wet food: can be eaten as a main meal. Although wet food is often used together with dry food, if you want to eat it as a main meal, you can choose products marked as “staple food”. It allows dogs to take in the most basic and necessary nutrients. As long as they drink water, they can meet the needs of maintaining body functions; as long as they are given a certain amount of dry food, they can ensure that their calorie intake is sufficient, and their teeth will not be damaged. Degraded from unused. But if you plan to pair it with dry food as a snack, you need to consider the overall calorie balance.  

Non-staple food: as a snack or snack

Wet food products marked as “non-staple food” or “nutritional supplements” are not made for the purpose of nutrient intake, so the calories are lower than that of staple food, and they are suitable for use as snacks or snacks. And the price of a pack is usually less than 30 yuan, which will not cause too much burden for the owner.  

Prescription wet food: prepared with special ingredients

If you want to maintain your dog’s health through dietary management, you can purchase the corresponding prescription wet food at the animal hospital under the guidance of a veterinarian and according to the condition or illness of the furry child. At the same time, it should also be noted that although many stores and online stores also sell prescription wet food, if you buy it only by the owner’s judgment, it is very likely that the effect will not be good or the condition will deteriorate. Therefore, it is recommended to consult Start after the veterinarian.  

Match with age

Wet food must be replaced with different products according to the growth stage of fur babies, especially the variety of staple food products is quite rich. It is recommended that you refer to the following content and choose different wet food according to each age.  

Puppies: Pay attention to high calorie and balanced nutrition

Generally speaking, 10 months after birth for small dogs, 1 year for medium-sized dogs, and about 1.5 years for large dogs can be regarded as the growth period of dogs. If the owner wants to start eating wet food before the dog becomes an adult, be sure to choose a product specially designed for puppies. Most of them have relatively balanced nutrients, and even if only a small amount is taken, they can absorb enough calories; and in order to cope with the condition that the digestive organs are not yet fully developed, such products also use more easily digestible and absorbable ingredients, and the shape is not easy to make. Stomach burden.  

Adult dogs: for the purpose of maintaining health

Wet food for adult dogs is usually marked as “for adult dogs” or “Adult”, and the staple food products are generally formulated for the purpose of maintaining health, but some are also found for the purpose of weight loss. Goods for sale. The types of wet food for adult dogs are also the most abundant of the three, so you can choose the most suitable product based on your dog’s preferences.  

Senior Dogs: Low Calorie and Nutritious

Small and medium-sized dogs are about 10 years old, and large dogs enter old age at about 7 years old. For older dogs with smaller appetites, wet food that is easy to swallow is quite suitable. The wet food specially designed for senior dogs is mostly based on low calorie and high nutritional value, which can prevent obesity and nutritional imbalance caused by reduced exercise.  

Pay attention to the raw material

For dogs, it is very important to choose safe food, so checking the ingredients will be one of the essential procedures. Breeders, please refer to the following two key points to check the quality of raw materials.  

Commercially available products with additives are in compliance with regulations

Antioxidants and other ingredients are more or less added to dog food, but in order to meet the sales standards in the regulations, there are no products that contain excessive additives in the wet food sold on the market. In addition, because wet food is basically stored in a closed space such as canned food, it is less preservative than dry food; just to ensure the color stability of meat, most products use color retention agent, but this ingredient There is no danger, so you can buy it with confidence.  

Choose those with specific labels and no allergenic ingredients

Before choosing wet food, it is most important to confirm whether it uses materials that your dog is allergic to. Although most wet foods on the market use chicken as an ingredient, there are unexpectedly many dogs allergic to chicken; other ingredients like beef and lamb are also susceptible to allergies, so be sure to match your dog’s physique and be careful when purchasing Read the material label on the packaging. In addition, rather than broad labels such as “meat”, the labeling of detailed meat items such as “chicken”, “boneless chicken”, and “domestic lamb” can be clearly written, allowing the owner to confirm more specifically what the raw materials are. If it is marked to use “human edible ingredients” and products with the content of each raw material are marked, it can also make dogs feel more at ease.  

Choose according to your dog’s preferences

After confirming the applicable age and raw materials and other items, the next step is to consider the dog’s preferences. Please refer to the following two points to find the most suitable wet food products for your dog!  

Strong smelling products are recommended

Dogs will use their sense of smell to make judgments before tasting food. Usually, products that humans do not find attractive, such as meaty and rancid smells, are relatively more in line with their preferences. If you try to buy high-quality organic products, but find that your dog doesn’t like a mouthful, it is still recommended to choose suitable products based on palatability, adjust the strength of the taste, and find a balance between your dog’s preferences.  

Choose delicious and protein-rich types

Even if the dog tastes it because it likes the aroma, if it is not delicious in nature, it will be abandoned over time. The unique flavor of food is presented by the interaction of various amino acids, and which combination can be favored by Mao children, you have to try it to know. Although it is only a reference, according to the definition of the protein type law, it will taste more delicious than eating only pork, but also eating a variety of ingredients such as pig, cow, chicken, soybeans, etc.; or It can also be selected according to the type of food that your dog usually likes.  

Evaluation based on packaging type and ease of use

For anyone who feeds their dog wet food every day, the convenience of the packaging is just as important. At present, there are different types of packaging methods such as metal cans, retort bags and lunch boxes on the market. Among them, metal cans can be stored for the longest time, but are relatively difficult to open and clean up. Retort bags have the advantages of easy opening and garbage reduction, but It is relatively easy to leave food on the inside of the bag; while the lunch box has the convenience of being directly poured on the plate to eat, but the price is higher than the other two, and you can choose according to your own needs.  

Recommended Top 10 Dog Wet Food Popularity Rankings

After reading the above introduction, have you found your ideal type in your heart? Next, let’s take a look at the products on the market to see if you like it!  

Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition Dachshund Adult Wet Dog Food


Brand Royal Canin
Flavor Chicken
Target Species Dog
Item Form Gravy
Breed Recommendation All Breed Sizes

Nulo Adult & Puppy Grain Free Canned Wet Dog Food


Brand Nulo
Flavor Seafood
Target Species Dog
Item Form Wet
Breed Recommendation All Breed Sizes



Brand Cesar
Flavor Variety Pack
Target Species Dog
Item Form Wet
Breed Recommendation All Breed Sizes

Amazon Brand – Wag Wet Canned Dog Food


Brand WAG
Flavor  Stew – Chicken & Vegetable
Target Species Dog
 Breed Recommendation  All Breed Sizes
 Age Range Description  All Life Stages

Blue Buffalo Homestyle Recipe Natural Adult Wet Dog Food


Brand  Blue Buffalo
Flavor Chicken
Target Species Dog
Item Form Wet
Breed Recommendation All Breed Sizes

Hill’s Science Diet Canned Wet Dog Food


Brand  Hill’s Science Diet
Flavor  Beef & Vegetables
Target Species Dog
Item Form Wet
Breed Recommendation All Breed Sizes

Wellness CORE 95% Grain Free Wet Dog Food


Brand Wellness Natural Pet Food
Flavor Beef
Target Species Dog
Item Form Wet
Breed Recommendation All Breed Sizes

Purina Pro Plan Adult Wet Dog Food


Brand  Purina Pro Plan
Flavor  Beef & Rice
Target Species Dog
Item Form Loaf
Breed Recommendation All Breed Sizes

K9 Natural Canned Dog Food


Brand  K9 Natural
Flavor Chicken
Target Species Dog
Item Form Pate
Breed Recommendation All Breed Sizes

ZIWI Canned Dog Food


Brand ZIWI
Flavor Lamb
Target Species Dog
Item Form Wet
Breed Recommendation All Breed Sizes

Please consume as soon as possible after opening

The shelf life recorded on the dog wet food package is usually before opening, and although it can be refrigerated after opening, it is still recommended to eat it as soon as possible for the sake of the dog’s health; especially for products without preservatives, It also deteriorates quickly after opening. To this end, please evaluate the dog’s food intake, and choose a capacity that will not eat for too long.  

How to finish dry food

Some owners choose to buy wet food because they want to use it as a snack, so that the dog will be willing to finish the dry food. But in fact, instead of relying on wet food, referring to the following two methods can also improve the completion rate of dry food.  

Serve with your favorite dessert

In addition to wet food, treats that dogs love to eat are also recommended to be paired with dry food. However, since most of the calories of pure snacks are higher than wet food, and eating too much may also cause Mao to be reluctant to eat feed or staple food, so we must also pay attention not to give too much.  

Increase appetite with easy-to-eat utensils

Cutlery that is too light, slips easily, or doesn’t sit at the right height is one of the reasons why your dog is left with dry food. In addition, plastic utensils are easy to attract dogs to bite, and stainless steel products can act like mirrors, so that dogs may stop eating in order to observe themselves. Therefore, taking into account the dog’s personality, choose tableware that allows them to concentrate on eating.  

Frequently Asked Questions about Buying Dog Wet Food

After understanding how to buy wet dog food and what products are on the market, do you have any other doubts? The following lists several questions that readers may have, and invites experts to answer them, hoping to solve problems for everyone.  

Q: What are the advantages and disadvantages of dry food and wet food?

A: Most wet foods have higher water content and may also have lower calories than dry foods. The nutrition and calorie supplements should be properly prepared. Especially for dogs with kidney and heart diseases, due to the need to pay special attention to the regulation of water intake, it is relatively difficult to control the total amount of wet food; in addition, the price of wet food is relatively high from economic considerations. Dry food, on the other hand, has a lower water content and is usually harder than wet food, which not only trains the dog’s teeth, but also provides more energy.  

Q: What kind of dogs are recommended to be fed wet food?

A: Dogs who are picky eaters can try to mix dry food with some wet food to increase their appetite; in addition, dogs such as old or bad teeth can also consider giving wet food, but pay attention to the balance of nutrition and calories.   

Q: What is the recommended amount of feeding each time?

A: The amount of feeding should be combined with the amount of water intake, body size and weight, etc. There is no specific difference. If your dog doesn’t like drinking water, you can mix in some wet food to increase water intake or add wet food to water to increase the animal’s desire to drink. Even if there are no special needs, you can also consider mixing dry and wet feeds, which can not only take into account nutrition and calories, but also improve the flavor of the food.  


This time, I will explain the main points of purchasing wet food for dogs. I wonder if it is easy to understand? Since the products will be differentiated according to the applicable age, use, taste and other conditions, even if the style is advertised as highly palatable, the taste will be very different. Because of the wide variety of wet food, it is necessary to grasp the characteristics of each product. I hope you can find the most ideal wet food products for dogs and owners through the content of the above article.

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